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Prior to enrolling, you may want to meet with your high school counselor to discuss course options available to you through College Now.

Once you have decided on the courses that best fit your college goals, you will need the appropriate five-digit CRN that can be found on the Class Schedules page.  Select your high school and write down the CRN number that identifies the course you want to take.

JCCC offers three ways to assist high school students in enrolling in College Now courses!


  • Log in to enroll. Enter your username and password.
  • Select Add/Drop Classes
  • Select the term Credit Fall for first semester and year-long enrollment or Credit Spring for second semester enrollment.
  • Select the Enter CRNs tab, enter the five-digit CRN number, and click Add.
  • Select Agree & Submit to update the status from Pending to Registered.
  • To view a summary of your class schedule to print or email, select the Schedule and Options
  • If your status shows errors, you are NOT registered. Error messages show at the top right under Notifications.  Click Agree & Submit to remove the class from your schedule. For help with registration error messages, see FAQ below.

By Phone

Call 913-469-3803, and select option 2

In Person

Visit the Success Center, 2nd floor of the Student Center in the Registration Lab

Frequently asked questions about College Now enrollment

Certain classes such as English, chemistry, math, physics and CNA require students to either take a placement test and obtain a qualifying score or have a qualifying score from the ACT or AP exam on file. Visit College Now Testing Information for information about the placement test or submitting ACT or AP scores.

Yes, the deadlines to enroll in classes can be found on the current College Now Enrollment Guide for high school students.

You can drop your class online by logging into your MyJCCC account as long as you do not have any registration holds. Go to Drop a Course Online for specific instructions. If you need assistance, visit the Success Center, Registration Lab, 2nd floor of the Student Center.  Students cannot drop classes over the phone once the semester has begun.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If dropping a year-long course after first semester, you will need to complete a Schedule Change form and submit it to the Registration Lab on the 2nd floor of the Student Center, email the Registrar Office or fax to 913-469-2300 for processing. Be sure to check the deadline dates to drop classes that can be found on the current College Now Enrollment Guide  for high school students.

Yes, to view the drop deadline dates for your specific classes log in to MyJCCC. On the main landing page, select the current term to view your schedule of classes. To view the drop deadline dates for each course, select the down arrow on the right side of the course. You will be able to see the deadlines to drop with a refund, drop without a W (for year-long courses only), and drop with a W (or request a pass/fail grade option). These deadline dates to drop classes can also be found on the current College Now Enrollment Guide for high school students.

Each fall and spring semester there is an enrollment deadline date stated in the current College Now Enrollment Guide for high school students. You must enroll and pay your tuition by these deadlines.

No. If you enrolled in a year-long class in the fall, you do not need to enroll or pay again in the spring for the same class. Your course will continue at the start of the spring semester. Your grade becomes available once the spring semester is complete.

There are several options for students who have transferred mid-year to a new high school.

  • Fall semester long course – finish your fall courses at your current high school and enroll in spring College Now courses at your new high school, if available.
  • College Algebra course – our JCCC instructors will work with you to finish the course at your new high school.  We need to know once you have switched high schools so we can adjust your enrollment to the correct CRN. Have your new high school counselor email the JCCC Registrar Office with the details.
  • Year-long course
    • If the new high school does not offer the same course you are enrolled in, you will need to withdraw and will receive a ‘W’ on your JCCC transcript. JCCC will need a letter from your new high school stating they do not offer the same course. You may submit a Tuition Refund Appeal to ask if your tuition may be refunded.  View the “How do I drop a College Now class” FAQ for details on dropping a year-long course.
    • If your new high school does offer the same course, your new high school instructor would need to discuss this enrollment change with you prior to making any enrollment changes.  This is to make sure the course is close to the same section of curriculum as the previous high school. If so, your new high school will need to email the Registrar Office to enroll you in the correct CRN for your new high school.

You need to withdraw and will receive a ‘W’ on your JCCC transcript.

Failure to drop your College Now course at JCCC will result in a grade of ‘F’ on your JCCC transcript.

Refer to Drop a Course Online for step-by-step instructions.