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Interested in earning college credit? If you're a high school sophomore, junior or senior, talk to your school counselor about taking courses for college credit.

JCCC is here to help you earn academic credit even before you graduate from high school. Together with your high school counselor, we can make your initial college experience remarkable. Not only will you plan ahead, but you’ll also save money.

Take a college course at JCCC, and you’ll have access to the same amenities as any student on campus. Check out all JCCC has to offer you, both now and after graduation.

High School Concurrent Enrollment Options

College Now 
Take college classes at your high school and earn college credit. The College Now program is a partnership that provides high school students with an opportunity to earn college credits through concurrent enrollment.

Quick Step
Take college classes with a JCCC instructor. Enroll in classes held on the JCCC campus or at one of our outreach locations, or take a class online.

Articulated Credit

Early College Partnerships & Outreach
Focused high school courses in your field of study may be applied toward a JCCC associate degree. Some courses on your road map can be connected (also known as articulated) to college credit and used toward a JCCC associate degree.

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Participating School Districts

See if your district is one!

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Career Clusters

See how your career path aligns with JCCC programs.

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Are you a teacher interested in bringing students to campus?

Arrange a customized school visit or JCCC tour

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