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In January and February of each year, regional festivals showcase the finest of each region's entered productions and offer a variety of activities, including workshops, symposia, and regional-level award programs. 



Irene Ryan finalist: Hunter Meyer with partner Hannah Oldham
Irene Ryan semifinalist: Michael Poleleyev with partner Joshua Heinzelman

Jarod Shulista was recognized by the Society of Properties Artisan Managers for his props design

Bus Stop

Irene Ryan semifinalist: Marcus Adams with partner Colton Cugno


Gruesome Playground Injuries

National Barbizon Award for Lighting Design, Rachael Carney
Winner of the Golden Hand Truck at the Regional Festival

Irene Ryan Semi-Finalists: Hannah Oldham with partner Jackson Spencer, Hunter Meyer with partner Jackson Spencer


Certificate of Merit for achievement in Ensemble Performance
Certificate of Merit for achievement in Directing, Beate Pettigrew

Irene Ryan Semi-Finalists: Michael Poleleyev with partner Marcus Adams


The Faculty Room

Irene Ryan Semi-Finalists: Michelle Carter with partner Mason Morill; Austin Moores with partner Katherine Allison
Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Stage Management: Zach Jarman

Mary O'

Irene Ryan Semi-Finalist: Hannah Oldham with partner Mason Morrill
Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Sound Design: Jacob Casselman


An Absurd Memory: The short plays of Samuel Beckett

Special Commendations:  Coleman Crenshaw, directing; Jacob Casselman, sound design
Irene Ryan Semifinalists:  Kyle Aaron Jones and partner Kelsey Helpley

Inspecting Carol

Irene Ryan Semifinalists:  Sarah Dickson with partner Kelsey Helpley; Hannah Oldham with partner Austin Moores

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Special Commendations: Beate Pettigrew, directing; Rachel Nielsen, costume and makeup design; Jesse Black, projection design

Other Awards

Nicholas “Mak” Booher, Honorable Mention, dramaturgy for El Tiburón
Ryan Beard, 10-Minute Play Festival finalist, “Fumes”


[title of show]

Regional Festival Invited Production hosted by Normandale Community College and the Burns Center, Ames IA
Winner of the Golden Hand Truck Award at the Regional Festival
National recognition to Lianna Klinger for her portrayal of Susan
National recognition to the actors for ensemble acting

Special Commendations: Paige Prouse, light design

Irene Ryan Semifinalists:  Jordan Malone and partner Sarah Dickson

An Experiment With an Air Pump

Special Commendations:  Rachel Nielsen, costume design
Second Place Regional Division National Allied Crafts:  Caitlin Brisendine
Irene Ryan Semifinalists:  Katie Force and partner Kelsey Helpley

El Tiburón

Regional Festival Invited Concert Reading
Winner of the One-Act Play Festival


A Lie of the Mind

Special Commendations: Cinnamon Paulette, directing; Christa Brown, sound design
Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Janae Walla and partner Jordan Malone
First Place Regional Division Sound Design: Christa Brown

Dead Man's Cell Phone

Special Commendations: Jim Lane, set design; Russell Langdon, light design


The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Special Commendation: Amanda Beeler, dramaturgy
Irene Ryan Semifinalist: BreAnna Wilson and partner Austen Handley
Irene Ryan Finalist: Teddy Trice and partner Amanda Beeler


Irene Ryan Seminifalist: Lauren Hambleton and partner Koki Sabatés
Irene Ryan Finalist: Dejuan Boyd and partner Erin Picardy

Other Awards

Delaney Herman, 2nd place, Regional Lighting Design
Erik Meixelsperger, SDC finalist


Anatomy of Gray

Regional Festival Invited Production hosted by Iowa State University
Special Commendations: Kelly Vogel, set design
Irene Ryan Semifinalists:

  • Teddy Trice and partner Bailey Burcham
  • Amanda Beeler and partner Bailey Burcham


Special Commendation: Ben Turkovic, sound design
Irene Ryan Finalist: Erik Meixelsperger and partner, Kendra Verhage 



Invited to perform at the Kennedy Center Regional Festival hosted by Iowa State University
Special Commendations:

  • The Cast, Ensemble Acting
  • Sean Leistico, Sound Design
  • Russell Langdon, Light Design
  • Jim Lane, Set Design
  • Beate Pettigrew, Direction

Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Charlotte Gilman and partner, Hilary Metzger

National Recognition:

  • Jim Lane, Set Design and Technical Direction
  • Sean Leistico, Sound Design and Engineering
  • Nate Hixon, Matt Katzenmeier, Beth McLenaghan, Spring TerBurgh, & Graham Stone, The Band

A Devil Inside

Special Commendations: Kelsey Daniels and Graham Stone, Sound Design
Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Erik Meixelsperger with partner, Amanda Beeler
Irene Ryan Finalist: Matt Katzenmeier with partner, Amanda Beeler


Almost, Maine

Regional Festival - First Alternate Production
Regional Festival - Invited: Scene
Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Laura Irwin & partner, Sean Wooley
Irene Ryan Finalist: Matt Katzenmeier & partner, Amanda Beeler


Special Commendations: Rachel Dyer, Sound Design
Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Sean Wooley and partner, Jacci Lufkin



Irene Ryan Finalist: Justin Kirk with partner, Cassie Pettigrew


Tabula Rasa (original play written by JCCC alum, Whitney Rowland)

Nominated for the National David Mark Cohen Playwriting Award
Invited to perform at the Kennedy Center Regional Festival hosted by University of Omaha & Creighton University
Special Commendations: Jim Lane, Set Design


Special Commendations: Marybeth Sorrell, Costume Design


The Importance of Being Earnest

Special Commendations: Marybeth Sorrell, Costume Design
10-Minute Play Regional Finalist: “Three Girls” by Whitney Rowland


Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

Special Commendations: Marybeth Sorrell, Costume Design

Radio Gals

Irene Ryan Finalist: Natalie Timms with partner, Patricia Carrier


10-Minute Play Regional Finalist: “Inventory” by Whitney Rowland


Crimes of the Heart

Special Commendations: Jim Lane, Set Design

The House of Yes

Irene Ryan Finalist: Patricia Carrier with partner, Peter Macey
10-Minute Play Regional Finalist: “Thus With a Kiss” by Whitney Rowland


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Irene Ryan Semifinalist:

  • Charlene Bricco with partner, Matt McCann
  • Joe Clark with partner, Lina Sonnier


Uncle Vanya

Regional Festival: Invited Production

Special Commendations:
  • Beate Pettigrew, Direction
  • Jim Lane, Set Design

Nighthawks/The Night Cafe

Special Commendations: Jim Lane, Set Design


Another Birth

Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Joe Clark with partner, Jesse Wilson

Boys' Life

Regional Festival-Invited Scene
Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Chris Powers with Partner, Jenny Mohr


The Diviners

Special Commendations:
  • Jim Lane, Set Design
  • Sterling Shelton, Light Design

Measure for Measure

Special Commendations: Jim Lane, Set Design



Special Commendations: Jim Lane, Set and Light Design