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In January and February of each year, regional festivals showcase the finest of each region's entered productions and offer a variety of activities, including workshops, symposia, and regional-level award programs. 


Farragut North

  • Irene Ryan semifinalist: Coy Garrett with partner Dani Saunders
  • Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Stage Management: Alexa Edmonds



  • Irene Ryan finalist: Hunter Meyer with partner Hannah Oldham
  • Irene Ryan semifinalist: Michael Poleleyev with partner Joshua Heinzelman
  • Jarod Shulista was recognized by the Society of Properties Artisan Managers for his props design

Bus Stop

  • Irene Ryan semifinalist: Marcus Adams with partner Colton Cugno


Gruesome Playground Injuries

  • National Barbizon Award for Lighting Design, Rachael Carney
  • Winner of the Golden Hand Truck at the Regional Festival

Presented by the 2018 National KCACTF Awards Committee:

  • Irene Ryan Semi-Finalists: Hannah Oldham with partner Jackson Spencer, Hunter Meyer with partner Jackson Spencer
  • Distinguished Achievement in Direction: Beate Pettigrew
  • Distinguished Achievement in Scene Design: Atif Rome
  • Distinguished Achievement in Ensemble Acting
  • Distinguished Achievement in Stage Management: Emily Worth and Alex Roberts


  • Certificate of Merit for achievement in Ensemble Performance
  • Certificate of Merit for achievement in Directing, Beate Pettigrew
  • Irene Ryan Semi-Finalists: Michael Poleleyev with partner Marcus Adams


The Faculty Room

  • Irene Ryan Semi-Finalists: Michelle Carter with partner Mason Morill; Austin Moores with partner Katherine Allison
  • Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Stage Management: Zach Jarman

Mary O'

  • Irene Ryan Semi-Finalist: Hannah Oldham with partner Mason Morrill
  • Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Sound Design: Jacob Casselman


An Absurd Memory: The short plays of Samuel Beckett

  • Special Commendations:  Coleman Crenshaw, directing; Jacob Casselman, sound design
  • Irene Ryan Semifinalists:  Kyle Aaron Jones and partner Kelsey Helpley

Inspecting Carol

  • Irene Ryan Semifinalists:  Sarah Dickson with partner Kelsey Helpley; Hannah Oldham with partner Austin Moores

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Special Commendations: Beate Pettigrew, directing; Rachel Nielsen, costume and makeup design; Jesse Black, projection design

Other Awards

  • Nicholas “Mak” Booher, Honorable Mention, dramaturgy for El Tiburón
  • Ryan Beard, 10-Minute Play Festival finalist, “Fumes”


[title of show]

  • Regional Festival Invited Production hosted by Normandale Community College and the Burns Center, Ames IA
  • Winner of the Golden Hand Truck Award at the Regional Festival
  • National recognition to Lianna Klinger for her portrayal of Susan
  • National recognition to the actors for ensemble acting
  • Special Commendations: Paige Prouse, light design
  • Irene Ryan Semifinalists: Jordan Malone and partner Sarah Dickson

Experiment With an Air Pump

  • Special Commendations:  Rachel Nielsen, costume design
  • Second Place Regional Division National Allied Crafts:  Caitlin Brisendine
  • Irene Ryan Semifinalists:  Katie Force and partner Kelsey Helpley

El Tiburón

  • Regional Festival Invited Concert Reading
  • Winner of the One-Act Play Festival


A Lie of the Mind

  • Special Commendations: Cinnamon Paulette, directing; Christa Brown, sound design
  • Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Janae Walla and partner Jordan Malone
  • First Place Regional Division Sound Design: Christa Brown

Dead Man's Cell Phone

  • Special Commendations: Jim Lane, set design; Russell Langdon, light design


The Mystery of Edwin Drood

  • Special Commendation: Amanda Beeler, dramaturgy
  • Irene Ryan Semifinalist: BreAnna Wilson and partner Austen Handley
  • Irene Ryan Finalist: Teddy Trice and partner Amanda Beeler


  • Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Lauren Hambleton and partner Koki Sabatés
  • Irene Ryan Finalist: Dejuan Boyd and partner Erin Picardy

Other Awards

  • Delaney Herman, 2nd place, Regional Lighting Design
  • Erik Meixelsperger, SDC finalist


Anatomy of Gray

  • Regional Festival Invited Production hosted by Iowa State University
  • Special Commendations: Kelly Vogel, set design
  • Irene Ryan Semifinalists:
    • Teddy Trice and partner Bailey Burcham
    • Amanda Beeler and partner Bailey Burcham


  • Special Commendation: Ben Turkovic, sound design
  • Irene Ryan Finalist: Erik Meixelsperger and partner, Kendra Verhage 



Invited to perform at the Kennedy Center Regional Festival hosted by Iowa State University
Special Commendations:

  • The Cast, Ensemble Acting
  • Sean Leistico, Sound Design
  • Russell Langdon, Light Design
  • Jim Lane, Set Design
  • Beate Pettigrew, Direction
  • Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Charlotte Gilman and partner, Hilary Metzger

National Recognition:

  • Jim Lane, Set Design and Technical Direction
  • Sean Leistico, Sound Design and Engineering
  • Nate Hixon, Matt Katzenmeier, Beth McLenaghan, Spring TerBurgh, & Graham Stone, The Band

A Devil Inside

  • Special Commendations: Kelsey Daniels and Graham Stone, Sound Design
  • Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Erik Meixelsperger with partner, Amanda Beeler
  • Irene Ryan Finalist: Matt Katzenmeier with partner, Amanda Beeler


Almost, Maine

  • Regional Festival - First Alternate Production
  • Regional Festival - Invited: Scene
  • Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Laura Irwin & partner, Sean Wooley
  • Irene Ryan Finalist: Matt Katzenmeier & partner, Amanda Beeler


  • Special Commendations: Rachel Dyer, Sound Design
  • Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Sean Wooley and partner, Jacci Lufkin



  • Irene Ryan Finalist: Justin Kirk with partner, Cassie Pettigrew


Tabula Rasa (original play written by JCCC alum Whitney Rowland)

  • Nominated for the National David Mark Cohen Playwriting Award
  • Invited to perform at the Kennedy Center Regional Festival hosted by University of Omaha & Creighton University
  • Special Commendations: Jim Lane, Set Design


  • Special Commendations: Marybeth Sorrell, Costume Design


The Importance of Being Earnest

  • Special Commendations: Marybeth Sorrell, Costume Design
  • 10-Minute Play Regional Finalist: “Three Girls” by Whitney Rowland


Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

  • Special Commendations: Marybeth Sorrell, Costume Design

Radio Gals

  • Irene Ryan Finalist: Natalie Timms with partner, Patricia Carrier


  • 10-Minute Play Regional Finalist: “Inventory” by Whitney Rowland


Crimes of the Heart

  • Special Commendations: Jim Lane, Set Design

The House of Yes

  • Irene Ryan Finalist: Patricia Carrier with partner, Peter Macey
  • 10-Minute Play Regional Finalist: “Thus With a Kiss” by Whitney Rowland


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Irene Ryan Semifinalist:

  • Charlene Bricco with partner, Matt McCann
  • Joe Clark with partner, Lina Sonnier


Uncle Vanya

Regional Festival: Invited Production

Special Commendations:
  • Beate Pettigrew, Direction
  • Jim Lane, Set Design

Nighthawks/The Night Cafe

  • Special Commendations: Jim Lane, Set Design


Another Birth

  • Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Joe Clark with partner, Jesse Wilson

Boys' Life

  • Regional Festival-Invited Scene
  • Irene Ryan Semifinalist: Chris Powers with Partner, Jenny Mohr


The Diviners

Special Commendations:
  • Jim Lane, Set Design
  • Sterling Shelton, Light Design

Measure for Measure

  • Special Commendations: Jim Lane, Set Design



  • Special Commendations: Jim Lane, Set and Light Design