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The Johnson County Regional Police Academy is located in Overland Park, Kansas, on the west side of the campus of Johnson County Community College.

By state law, the Police Academy is a “closed enrollment” academy.  It was established to provide basic law enforcement training for newly hired officers from 18 police agencies in Johnson County. 

Police Academy Recruits that attend the academy must first be employed by one of these agencies as police officers. They are then sent here to receive their basic training. 

Under Kansas state law, all new police officers must receive their basic law enforcement training within one year of being hired.  Successful completion of the 18-week academy results in certification as a Kansas law enforcement officer.

The academy is operated in cooperation with the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, JCCC and the Johnson County Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Association.

Applications: Applications to become academy-eligible police officers must be made with individual law enforcement agencies.

Academy Class Information