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JCCC National Cyber League

JCCC has participated in the National Cyber League since Fall 2018. This effort is led by the Cybersecurity Club.

In Fall 2018, five students received a chance to compete on a national scale and test their skills. We had two students finish in the top 5%!

In Spring 2019, 11 students registered to participate. Two students finished in the top 5%! We also had seven students participate in the team competition.

In Fall 2019, eight students competed. We again had a student finish in the top 5%. Six students participated in the team competition.

We are competing in the Spring 2020 competition.

Contact Andrew Lutz for more information.

Digital Forensics course upgrade

The Digital Forensics course received an upgrade in Spring 2019. Tableau write-blockers, large hard drives (suitable for case scenarios), USB drives and other equipment have been implemented to provide a more “hands-on” feel to the course. This is in addition to the use of the industry-leading EnCase software.

Helping others understand cybersecurity and competency-based education

Information Technology-Networking Chair Andrew Lutz presented at the Innovations Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, on Competency-Based Education in Information Technology courses. A few of these courses are part of the Cyber Defense path at JCCC.

Industry partnerships

JCCC is working to form a substantial industry partnership with Cerner. One of the most critical areas of need is in the technology area. Cerner offers a KCIT Apprentice program that allows students to work while they attain their degrees. Contact Linda Dubar for more information.