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Cybersecurity Club

Cybersecurity Club — Through hands-on activities and group discussion, the JCCC Cybersecurity Club will explore key concepts of defensive cybersecurity, penetration testing and ethical hacking. In a world where things are becoming more electronic, understanding these cybersecurity concepts and knowing how to properly defend and test key devices is paramount. We will use our time together to further our understanding of these important subjects. Contact Dr. Long for more information.

Poster of cybersecurity event

In October 2023, the JCCC Cybersecurity Club presented how to stay safe on the internet to the campus and community. Topics included in the discussion were password managers, internet browsing, and ChatGPT vulnerabilities. To learn more about staying safe on the internet, reach out to the Cybersecurity Club.

National Cyber League

JCCC has participated in the National Cyber League since Fall 2018. This effort is led by the Cybersecurity Club. We have had multiple students finish in the top 5%!

Contact Dr. Long for more information.

JCCC Cybersecurity Competition

JCCC will be hosting department-wide Cybersecurity Competitions in the Spring 2024 semester! There will be both a beginners and advanced competition. Watch your stumail starting in January 2024 for requirements and details on how to register! 

Industry partnerships

JCCC is consistently working with local IT employers that are interested in hiring our students. Contact Leslie Washington for more information.