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The mission of the Honors Program at JCCC is to provide intellectually motivated students an inclusive and supportive environment in which to foster their curiosity, and identify tools and resources needed to challenge themselves, take risks, solve problems and hone their leadership skills to serve as active citizens and leaders within their communities.

How to Join the JCCC Honors Program

The decision to join an Honors Program should not be taken lightly. It will change your JCCC experience and likely the rest of your life.

When you join the Honors Program, you join a community of like-minded, curious and motivated students, actively engaged in the community and supportive of one another. We look forward to welcoming you in our midst! 

Naturally curious? Hungry for the extra challenge? If you are considering your first semester at JCCC, all you need is a 3.5 high school GPA!

Already at JCCC? All you need is a 3.5 JCCC GPA and fewer than 35 hours of your Associates Degree Completed.

Reach out to Anne Dotter ( today to express your interest in becoming a member of the Honors Program! 


We want you to be successful! 

The Honors Program offers support to motivated students so that they can reach all their goals.

  • Don’t yet have the 3.5 GPA you are hoping for? Reach out to our director, Anne Dotter, at Students may be admitted on a conditional basis; each student’s request for consideration is carefully examined individually.
  • Taking an Honors course is a great way to see if Honors is for you! While priority is given to Honors students, non-Honors students may enroll in the honors classes provided they have a good GPA, or if they meet the following requirements for English and Math:
    • Composition I Honors (ENGL 121)
      • Accuplacer Writing score: 255+
      • ACT English score: 19+
    • College Algebra Honors (MATH 171)
      • Accuplacer Math score: 263+
      • ACT Math score: 22+
    To see if you qualify, visit see the Testing Center placement tests page for more information about testing.
  • We understand that there is a time for everything. Starting college right after high school may not lead all students to success. Because accidents happen, we intentionally only consider the JCCC GPA when you join, not the cumulative GPA!
The Benefits of Joining the JCCC Honors Program
  • Community of motivated and curious students
  • Honors advising
  • Faculty mentorship program
  • Opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty
  • Chance to personalize your education
  • Small class sizes of engaged learners
  • Opportunities to present at national and regional conferences
  • Enhanced preparation for transfer to a four-year degree program
  • Honors scholarship and mini-grants
  • Transcript and diploma notations
  • Access to early enrollment
  • Graduation ceremony for Honors Program graduates and special recognition at JCCC graduation ceremony
  • Transfer and scholarship assistance
  • Direct contact with university honors programs

The list of benefits is not exhaustive. We can start to describe what we see as benefits, but your peers are better positioned to do so. See what they have to say about Honors.