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No one can capture all of the benefits of participating in the JCCC Honors Program better than our students.

Current honors students express themselves regularly on our Honors Students blog. Our blog is a good place to find current information about events, projects and the many reasons we have to celebrate our students’ many successes.

Christina H., Class of 2020

I've made friends, become involved in my community and my school, and learned about myself. The program has changed my aspirations, encouraged me and given me strength!

Claire C., Class of 2021

The honors faculty and staff were absolutely amazing! I always felt noticed and cared about, and I feel like being a part of the program really made a difference for me.

Erin K., Class of 2018

I am extraordinarily glad that I joined the Honors Program. The classes have helped my critical thinking skills and made me more open-minded, not to mention the community in Honors welcomed me with such kindness that I feel I've joined a second family. My only regret is not joining sooner.

Ethan B., Class of 2020

Being a part of the Honors Program at JCCC instilled a love for learning and a confidence in facing academic challenges. The small class size and incredible professors who went above and beyond to facilitate meaningful teaching moments made my time in the Honors Program unforgettable. I feel that I am well prepared for future academic and career endeavors; the roles that JCCC and the Honors Program played cannot be understated.

Hunter S., Class of 2019

The Honors Program at JCCC connected me with opportunities for scholarships, internships and service learning I otherwise would not have had. I always had a support network.

Isaac R., Class of 2020

It has impacted me more personally than academically because I practiced my communication and teambuilding skills. It also opened my eyes to taking care of the world and the people around us.

Jackson C., Class of 2018

The Honors Program has been the center of my time at JCCC. I have had opportunities to explore much broader and deeper than I otherwise would have been able to. The Honors Program was a platform to achieve greater things than I thought possible.

Justus J., Class of 2018

The Honors Program plugged me into a community of people who work hard and who value excellence in their studies. It gave me opportunities to learn new things and do the best I can academically.

Lauren S., Class of 2018

I started out being terribly shy and lacking in confidence, but after two years of working to complete the Honors Program I have become significantly more assertive, knowledgeable, and confident. I've taken on leadership roles and shared experiences with others in ways I never expected. I learned that you don't have to be naturally gifted to excel academically, and that success is not just about crossing the finish line but about the rate of positive change you experience from where you began.

Madeline P., Class of 2021

The Honors Program has definitely assisted in the critical thinking skills needed for my future college and career.

Maria M., Class of 2019

The Honors Program became my home away from home. Because of the program, I found my friends, I found my favorite professors, I received more scholarships, more opportunities, a job in the office, and great memories of my first two years of college.

Matthew G., Class of 2020

Initially, my goal was simply to have the label as an Honors student. However, I eventually came to realize that the Honors Program could help me develop myself personally through my experience as a leader and the individual attention that my Honors professors were willing to give.

Nathan R., Class of 2021

The Honors Program helped me on my path by showing me that I need to do something that is meaningful to me. I’ll be starting at KU this fall and I'll always be thankful to the Honors Program for helping me discover my dream.

Peng "Frankie" Z., Class of 2017

Honors Program benefited me in so many ways. One of the most significant way is Honors Program  cultivated and improved my confidence for my future. I became much more confident and positive because of JCCC Honors Program.

Rhiannon M., Class of 2017

The best thing that the Honors Program has done for me is connecting me with so many like-minded people. There are now so many more people in my life who have made my time at JCCC better than I ever thought possible. Without Honors I don’t think I would have made nearly as many friends, and I wouldn’t be nearly as happy as I have been at JCCC.