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The JCCC Honors Symposium is held each semester and gives students an opportunity to present a paper or project completed in fulfillment of Honors requirements.

The symposium is intended to provide students with presentation experience in an informal, relaxed atmosphere, and allow them to share the results of their work with fellow students in the Honors Program, friends, family and faculty.

Listed below are the papers/projects presented at the Spring 2019 Symposium: 

Oral Presentations

  • Gemima Joseph: The Development of Haiti Through Grass-root Organizations
  • Cambre Morrow: Cosmetic Reforms: Making Up for Lost Time
  • Tiger Harris-Webster: Leadership & Qualities to be Successful
  • Pedro Slon Rodriguez: A Review of Scientific Literature to Define the Human Zygote
  • Pedro Slon Rodriguez: Historical and Cultural Origins of Barbecue Food in America
  • Nathanael Spurlin: Power for Today and Tomorrow
  • Tony Hao Liu: Understanding Myths from a Modern Perspective
  • Liz Hackworth: When Fashion Repeats Itself—A Talk on Modern Vintage Fashion
  • Rivanold Tegomo: Analysis of Scientific Instruments: Digital Gaussmeter and Geiger Counter

Poster Presentations

  • Sarah Arora: French Waffles and Belgian Fries
  • Adara Bartholome: Agritourism in the United States
  • Alex Beckwith: Exploring on Our Own: Using Place as Text and Active Learning to Enrich the Classroom
  • Katherine Bice: Art and Culture Support Healthy Economies
  • Colby Carson: Veterans Off-grid Leadership
  • Kelyn Crandall: Quadtree-Based Rendering of Scale-Invariant Image Spaces
  • Josselyn Cruz-Lopez: Awareness for the Mental Health of the Elderly
  • Zoë Dunning: The Role of Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism on Family Function and Development
  • Julia Fraley: The Culture and Influence of the Russian Village: Then and Now
  • Sydney French: Porphyromonas gingivalis (P.g.) caused Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)
  • Nicole Green: Physiology Throughout History
  • Jamie Hanson: Food Waste & Freeganism
  • Rebecca Henderson: Exploring Public Art Through Kansas City
  • Itandewi Janner: Should plant-based beverages be called “milk”?
  • Summer Keagle: AT&T vs. Verizon: A Financial Analysis
  • Kate Larberg & Sydney Quick: Campus Sustainability Knowledge
  • Maria Martinez: The ‘Discover the World’ Series and its Effects on Awareness of Culture and Diversity on Campus
  • Adriana Martinez Capello: The Need for Increasing the Funding of the National School Lunch Program
  • Fernanda Morales: Ethnicities in Higher Education
  • Cambre Morrow: Inside the Bread Basket: A Look at Growing Grains in Kansas
  • Erin Ortiz: The Effect of Gut Microbes on Mental Health
  • Mitty Po: The Transformation of Hypochondriasis
  • Theresa Read: Essential Oils Investigation: A Great Way to Spend Thursday Afternoons
  • Chloe Sciolaro: Agroterrorism: 
  • Chloe Sciolaro: 3D Seashells
  • Abraham Simon: The Positive Effects of Social Media on Food
  • Rivanold Tegomo: Distillation and Analysis of Sage Essential Oil
  • Ha Tran: Organic Food: Worth the Cost?
  • Arielle Von Der Heyde: Honors Discover the World: Book Club
  • Haley Wall: Parental Accountability in the Court

Honors Symposium Videos

Spring 2018 

Spring 2017

Spring 2016