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Students who wish to graduate from the Honors program may take one interdisciplinary course, a class which involves two or more academic disciplines.

If a course listed below as an interdisciplinary class is required for a student’s associate degree, that course may also fulfill the Honors requirement.

Please note that not all courses may be offered every semester.

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ANTH 130  World Cultures

ANTH 160 Medical Anthropology

BIOL 124  Oceanus: Essentials of Oceanography

BIOL 155  Introduction to Bioethics

ENGL 244  Literature of American Popular Music

GEOS 145  World Regional Geography

HUM 145  Introduction to World Humanities I 

HUM 146  Introduction to World Humanities II

HUM 150 Islam: Religion, History & Culture

HUM 165 Introduction to Chinese Culture

HUM 167  Introduction to Japanese Culture

ITMD 231  History of Interior Design II

LEAD 130  Leadership and Civic Engagement 

PHIL 140 Business Ethics

PHYS 191  Math and Physics for Games I

POLS 175 Environmental Policy and Law

SPD 180  Intercultural Communications