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Ed Boucher

Adjunct Professor, history

Ed Boucher studied history and religious studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and South Asian languages and literature at the University of California and in India.  He primarily teaches South Asian history and eastern civilizations.  He joined the JCCC history department in 2002, and he has offered courses in Asian cultures and religions, Islam and world religions. 

Boucher has represented JCCC by presenting papers at national conferences, and he has created and offered two original courses for JCCC, History of India and Religious Traditions of South Asia:  History and Historiography.  In 2012 Boucher worked as editorial assistant for Peebles, Patrick ed.  Voices of South Asia:  Essential Readings from Antiquity to the Present. M.E. Sharp, 2012.  In 2011 and 2013, Boucher organized and led academic trips to Northern India that consisted of student, faculty and community participants.  Boucher’s current research interests focus on South Asian craft culture and it’s juxtaposition from ancient tradition to modern markets.