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The HCI 180 Medical Interpreting Practicum gives you the opportunity to interpret in real world settings under the supervision of practicing professional interpreters.

HCI 180 - Practicum Requirements

This practicum takes place at Truman Medical Center (TMC) and Children’s Mercy Hospital (CMH). To participate in shadowing and practicum assignments, you must complete specific requirements. At the end of the fall semester, all students must complete and provide the following information to the HCI supervisor:

  1. A copy of background checks with satisfactory results.
  2. Your Social Security number.
  3. Proof of up-to-date immunizations: records must include:
    1. TB tests from admitted year with readings*
    2. Two (2) MMR*
    3. Two (2) Varicella*
    4. Current year's flu shot
    5. Tdap no more than 10 years old
    6. Three (3) Hepatitis B vaccinations*
    7. Most up-to-date COVID vaccine requirements
  4. A copy of the results from all the TMC Compliance tests and a copy of the CMH Compliance test.
  5. Signed confidentiality sheets from TMC and CMH.

*You may use a titer for MMR, Varicella, Hep B and TB. Ask the HCI supervisor for details.

Due to the rapidly changing clinical requirements in regard to the COVID-19 vaccination, contact the program director for the most current requirements and process. Health restrictions which prohibit student performance during the shadowing and practicum portion of the program may prevent admission to or completion of the program.

You must submit documents to the HCI supervisor for both TMC and CMH no later than Jan. 1. The supervisor will FIRST approve documents. These documents include the following:

  • Copy of the FSCR letter that states that there are no negative findings.
  • The Validity Screening background check must come back with no negative findings.
  • Complete the online TMC HIPAA trainings and print out a transcript.
  • This year’s flu shot.
  • TB symptom review sheets for CMH and TMC.
  • If you did not use bloodwork for your TB test, your second TB test needs to be completed and read by Dec. 1.
  • Required immunizations (MMR, Varicella Tdap, Hep B and COVID-19 vaccine).

Children's Mercy Hospital
You will be required to complete an online training module for CMH on its due date. Information about completing the module will be provided after you enroll in HCI 180.

Truman Medical Center paperwork instructions

  • You will gather all important documents and send them in one email to Christina Wolff. She will review the documents and send a page with a signature confirming that the documents are in order.
  • You will use the approved documents to complete the application via the student application link.