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At JCCC, our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program is here to help non-native speakers navigate their classes and provide support for international students taking courses in the English language.

What will I learn in JCCC’s English for Academic Purposes program?

The English for Academic Purposes program at JCCC is designed for non-native speakers who want to develop their English skills for academic preparation and study at the collegiate level. Students in JCCC’s EAP program will learn English skills, including:

  • Writing and Grammar
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Reading and Vocabulary

The EAP program gives students time to focus on developing English language abilities, as well as critical thinking and research skills. Learning these communication skills will help students feel prepared for academic and social interactions during college and beyond.

Start your academic career at JCCC in four easy steps:

  1. Apply to JCCC.
  2. Complete the Accuplacer-ESL assessment at Testing Services, or submit test scores for:
  • ACT
  1. Meet with a Success Center counselor to discuss your academic plan.
  2. Enroll in up to nine hours of EAP courses.

F-1 Visa holders: The ESL Pathway program is tailored to best suit your individual language needs:

Pathway 3 (2 semesters)
TOEFL iBT: 57-60
Accuplacer: 89-101

Pathway 4 (1 semester)
TOEFL iBT: 61-64
IELTS: 5.5
Accuplacer: 102-114

For more information regarding the ESL Pathway Program, please contact JCCC’s International and Immigrant Student Services (IISS) office at 913-469-7680 or

Highlights for Fall 2022

EAP Orientation

New and returning students need to attend.
Aug. 17, 2022 | Noon-1 p.m. | Co-Lab, OCB 100

Special Focus Courses

Speaking and Listening Level IV (Service-Learning)

Interested in helping others while practicing your English language skills and earning service-learning credit? In this course you will:

  • Participate in a service-learning project with a central focus on language and communication enhancement
  • Work in a community and use processes of action, communication, practice, commitment
    and narration.

Sign up for EAP 087 (CRN: 80113 and 80115)
For more information, contact Prof. Milkowart,

Speaking and Listening Level IV (Healthcare)

Interested in nursing and healthcare professions?
Consider enrolling in EAP 087 (CRN:  80116)

Listen to and make speeches about health-related topics while you learn nursing vocabulary.
For more information, contact Prof. Nguyen at


EAP classes at JCCC are offered during both fall and spring semesters, as well as during summer sessions. Classes are offered during daytime hours, throughout the evening, or online. With the flexibility to choose your course format and class times, you can build your academic schedule at JCCC based on your personal needs.

At JCCC, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Experienced, award-winning faculty
  • Personalized attention in small classes
  • A helpful community environment
  • Low tuition costs and affordable payment-plan options
Join other successful JCCC students Apply now

You may be worried about the cost of going to college, but you’re not alone in feeling this anxiety. Many students wonder where they can find financial assistance to help them through school. We are always working hard at JCCC to make our tuition affordable each semester.

At JCCC, we offer:

Some courses may have additional fees associated with supplies and textbooks. These costs will vary depending on your classes.

Resources at JCCC

We also offer academic resources at JCCC. Our school allows you to take advantage of many different tools and services that are at your disposal if you need them. Our personalized learning strategy, smaller classes sizes, and professional tutoring services are all here to assist you. Other resources we offer include:

  • Our Financial Aid office is available to help you find student loan and scholarship opportunities. Talk to one of our financial aid counselors to find out how to reduce your tuition costs each semester.
  • The Career Development Center services can direct you to what you want to do post-graduation. 
  • Academic Counseling can help you stay on your academic path and find a career that suits your interests. 
  • Our transfer process is easy and stress-free. If you wish to continue your education elsewhere, we can help you transfer your credits to another school.