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What will I learn?

Discover how to categorize, store and analyze behavioral trends and patterns. In two full-time semesters, you’ll gain a strong understanding of data fundamentals and the practical applications of data analysis, including:

  • Data science and statistics
  • Data visualization
  • SQL for data analysis
  • Statistical programming
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Big data architecture


Take a look at real-world scenarios when you work side by side with experienced partners in the field. Stay on trend with the latest information on technology. Understand the lifecycle of data through performance and quality control plans. You will study actual programs, implement real solutions and identify improvements.

Our Computer Information Systems, Computer Science and Data Analytics Advisory Board provides expert advice on a variety of issues to ensure that students earning degrees or certificates from JCCC are prepared to enter the workforce and become immediately productive.

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Data analysts collect, process and perform statistical analyses of large amounts of information. Depending on your training and level of expertise, professionals who work with data might find themselves:

  • Mining data from various sources
  • Cleaning data to prune irrelevant information
  • Analyzing and interpreting results using standard statistical tools and methods
  • Finding correlations and trends in complicated data sets
  • Identifying new opportunities for process improvement
  • Providing data reports and data visualizations to management and teams
  • Collaborating with IT teams, data scientists and managers on meeting organizational goals
  • Problem-solving coding and data-related issues

These skills are used in sectors such as:

  • Natural resources
  • Environmental agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Business and finance

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