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JCCC Is Accepting Spring 2024 Applications for the Nail Technology Program Only

For more information on the Nail Technology program, click here.

For Nail Technology application instructions, click here.

JCCC will not be accepting applications for the Cosmetology and Esthetics programs at this time. 

At JCCC you will acquire the skills to be successful in the beauty industry. You get hands-on learning opportunities and salon experience through our cosmetology programs. Take a look to see how JCCC can help you jump-start your career in the beauty industry!

What will I learn about Cosmetology at JCCC?

Cosmetology is a growing industry. With a variety of different paths,  you can choose a program that aligns with your career goals and set up IP for success. At JCCC, you will learn both the technical and soft skills you need to pass the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology License exam.

Cosmetology Department programs

At JCCC, there are four different programs from which to choose. Depending on your path, you will be prepared to become certified or licensed in Cosmetology, Esthetics or Nail Technology or work as a Cosmetology Instructor.

Our Cosmetology courses involve interactive classrooms and real-world experience to ensure you are prepared to have a fulfilling and successful career servicing clients after graduation and exam completion. 

Cosmetology program

Our program teaches you everything from hair coloring to skincare and nail technology. The program requires you to complete 45 credit hours, which can go toward an associate degree. You will also be prepared to pass the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology License exam.

For educational and additional requirements for licensure as a cosmetologist, see JCCC’s professional licensure disclosures.

Cosmetology Instructor Training program

JCCC’s Cosmetology Instructor Training program prepares you to be an experienced cosmetologist and a licensed instructor of cosmetology. This program requires you to take 60 hours of lecture and 240 hours of clinical supervision and classroom teaching. You will learn the characteristics of instructors, student motivation, and teaching and evaluation methods.

Esthetics program

JCCC’s Esthetics program focuses on training in skincare services, including identifying and treating a variety of skin issues. Instruction covers giving facials, makeup applications, light therapy, and hair removal methods. Upon completion of the required 46 hours, you will earn an Esthetics certificate.

Nail Technology program

Learn how to provide high-quality manicures and pedicures in JCCC’s Nail Technology program. Instruction also covers sanitation, diseases and disorders of the nail, and best business practices. You will be prepared to pass the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology Manicurist licensure exams.

Why JCCC for Cosmetology programs?

We have successfully prepared graduates to pursue careers in the beauty, hair, skincare, and nail salon industries. Our programs are unique because they allow you to enroll in small cosmetology classes, which allows for more personalized instruction and individualized help from instructors. The cosmetology instructors are licensed practitioners with extensive knowledge and training in their specialties. Our students gain experience working in JCCC’s full-service salon, as well.

JCCC’s track record shows that our graduates achieve high passing rates on the Kansas Board of Cosmetology Licensing exams.

Resources and tools at JCCC

Every JCCC student has access to a variety of tools and resources to help them throughout their education and on into their careers. We also offers benefits only to students in these programs. 

Our Cosmetology Advisory Board is made up of salon owners and industry professionals and gives students advice and tools to help them throughout their education. These professionals keep students up to date on trends and share retail ideas with students. 

JCCC gives cosmetology students the choice of earning a certificate or associate degree. The 45 credits earned in a cosmetology certificate also go toward the degree program credit hour requirements, so students will only need 15 additional credits past the certificate to earn an associate degree. Many cosmetology students choose to take business and marketing courses, as well. 

Enrollment in the Cosmetology programs occurs only twice a year, unlike other cosmetology schools that hold enrollment monthly. Having bi-annual enrollment means that students are among the same classmates throughout the program, which lets them use one another as resources throughout their studies.  

Lastly, our students have access to the Career Development Center where students can get advice on their future careers, help writing resumes, and guidance applying for open positions in salons. 

Can I get a job in Cosmetology? 

The cosmetology industry is one of the fastest-growing in the country. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states jobs in cosmetology are expected to grow by eight percent by 2028. Once you earn a cosmetology license, you will be qualified to work as an independent contractor or in a salon, day spa, barbershop, resort, or in the theater or entertainment industry.  

Find employment projections and salary information at the Power BI Post Graduate Report.

JCCC is half the price of many other metro cosmetology schools, making it more accessible for everyone to pursue a career in a cosmetology-related field.