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Understanding tax obligations can be overwhelming, especially for a small business owner.


Making sure that you are in compliance with IRS and state regulations, as well as knowing how to properly collect and remit sales tax, is a must for small business owners. Taught by an experienced CPA and a tax specialist from the Kansas Department of Revenue, our Small Business Tax courses at JCCC can help you navigate the world of taxes as it relates to small business.

How will Small Business Tax Workshops at JCCC enhance my life or career?

With JCCC’s Small Business Tax Workshops, you will gain an understanding of the following tax topics:

  • Business use of the home
  • Self-employment tax
  • Employee versus independent contractor
  • Payroll taxes
  • Electronic filing (EFTPS)
  • Record keeping requirements for business expenses and audit compliance
  • Sales and use tax as applied to Kansas retail businesses
  • Sales and use tax as it applies to Kansas construction contractors
  • Estimated tax payments

Note: These classes do not eliminate the need to consult individually with a tax professional.

Courses offered may include:

  • IRS Small Business Tax Workshop
  • Kansas Retail Sales and Compensating Use Tax
  • Kansas Sales and Use Tax for Construction Contractors

Why choose JCCC Small Business Tax Continuing Education courses?

  • We’re experienced: Each instructor at JCCC is an industry professional that possesses extensive knowledge in the subject.
  • We’re up-to-date: Our instructors at JCCC teach relevant material in every class. Additionally, our labs and training equipment are top-notch and continually updated as needed.
  • We’re flexible: JCCC offers both in-person and online class options.
  • We’re convenient: You have the opportunity to receive customized training and high-quality courses close to home.
  • We’re affordable: Costs at JCCC are reasonable and usually less than other area training centers.

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