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Small businesses face many challenges in the marketing, finance, and legal departments. At JCCC, we can help you meet your goals.


Are you effectively using online tools to market your business successfully?

Do you know how to produce and understand financial statements to monitor the health of your business?

Are your business name, logo, product, and/or creative works protected? How do you know if you are infringing upon the rights of others?

Small business management demands skills from a wide variety of disciplines, including marketing, finance, and legal. The Kansas Small Business Development Center (KSBDC) at JCCC offers a range of classes to help you and your employees gain the knowledge to operate and grow your business.

How will Marketing, Finance, & Intellectual Property courses at JCCC enhance my life or career?

With JCCC’s Marketing, Finance, and Intellectual Property program, you will gain an understanding of the following topics through our classes:

  • Digital strategy for promoting and expanding your business.
  • How to read, interpret, and develop basic financial statements.
  • Intellectual property consideration including trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

Courses offered may include:

  • Small Business Internet Marketing Basics: Websites, Email, Social Networks, SEO, and Ads
  • Know Your Numbers and Make More Money
  • Trademark and Copyright Basics

Why choose JCCC Continuing Education courses for Marketing, Finance, & Intellectual Property?

  • We’re experienced: Our instructors are industry professionals with an extensive amount of knowledge.
  • We’re up-to-date: At JCCC, we teach relevant material in each course. In addition, our training equipment and labs are top-notch and updated accordingly.
  • We’re flexible: Both face-to-face and online courses are offered at JCCC.
  • We’re convenient: Receive high-quality courses and training close to home.
  • We’re affordable: All costs at JCCC are reasonable.

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