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Do you have a great product or service that you want to market internationally?


Are you looking to diversify your markets to protect or expand your business? Our courses can help you determine which countries are your best prospective markets and give you the initial steps to take when starting the export process.

How will Export Training courses at JCCC enhance my life or career?

With JCCC’s Export Training classes, you will gain an understanding of the following topics:

  • Export readiness
  • Market research
  • Market entry
  • Legal considerations of exporting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Transportation terminology
  • Payment and finance options
  • Cultural awareness and considerations
  • Research tools and databases relevant to export

Courses offered may include:

  • International Market Research for Exports
  • Riddle of the Exporter

Why choose JCCC Continuing Education Export Training courses?

  • We’re experienced: Each instructor at JCCC is a knowledgeable professional in the industry.
  • We’re up-to-date: Materials taught at JCCC are relevant, labs are top-notch, training equipment is updated accordingly, and our instructors are up-to-date on industry trends.
  • We’re flexible: At JCCC, we offer online and in-person courses, allowing you to build your schedule as needed.
  • We’re convenient: You’ll have the opportunity to receive high-quality, customized training and take courses close to home or at your site.
  • We’re affordable: We are always working to keep costs affordable, with prices typically less than other training centers in the area.

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