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Explore the history and mystery of ancient Egypt with Kansas City’s only Egyptologist. You’ll get to examine the work of archaeologists as you trace the development of this most ancient land. Learn why they wrote all over their walls as you decipher hieroglyphs of birds, snakes, symbols, and figures.

When you enroll in the Egyptology Continuing Education program at JCCC, you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an instructor who has an Egyptology degree and real-world experience in the field. Take a virtual tour and let her guide you through some of the oldest, most important sites of Egyptian ancient civilization in courses like:

  • Egyptian Archeology
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs I
  • Animals in Ancient Egypt
  • Egypt in Museums
  • Egyptian Art
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  • Nefertari: Lady of the Two Lands
  • Nubia: Egypt’s Southern Neighbor

How will Egyptology courses enhance my life or career?

Egypt and Mesopotamia are known in history for having some of the richest cultures in the world. From literary works to archaeological monuments, this civilization has left a legacy unlike any other.

JCCC’s Egyptology program will teach you about:

  • Pagan religions that laid the foundation of the western world.
  • Art and architectural monuments.
  • The world’s oldest languages.
  • Kings and queens who ruled Egypt.

The knowledge you can gain from the Egyptology Continuing Education program can enhance your future career by providing historical context you may not have previously known. Whether you’re hoping to work as a librarian or a museum archivist, there are benefits to enrolling in these classes and continuing your education.

Why choose JCCC Continuing Education Egyptology courses?

  • We’re experienced: Our instructors are knowledgeable professionals in their industries.
  • We’re up-to-date: The materials taught in JCCC courses are relevant, and our instructors know the subject matters well.
  • We’re flexible: At JCCC, we offer a variety of class formats designed to fit into any busy schedule.
  • We’re affordable: All costs at JCCC are reasonable.
Meet your instructor
Professor Stacy Davidson is an Egyptologist who teaches courses on ancient Egypt, the ancient new East, and ancient languages: Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Latin, and Greek. She was a presenter at the Fourth Annual Missouri Egyptological Symposium in October 2022 and currently teaches credit as well as non-credit courses at JCCC.
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