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Travis Foster,

Travis Foster shares the internet’s infinite possibilities with his clients of entrepreneurs and business executives. He uses his knowledge of SEO and digital marketing to help them create digital marketing plans. He is sharing these same skills with working professionals taking his courses at JCCC. Outside of work, his passions include his family, music, cars and volunteering with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program.

“Helped me learn how to better track my marketing performance through Google analytics and create better, more robust reporting for my clients."
"Travis was a great teacher! The course was the perfect balance of "overview" and "nitty-gritty." I feel like I got to see the backend of how to help improve the SEO at my company from my role. ”

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Mary Anne Matos,

Mary Anne Matos has experience in the fields of communication and education. She currently works in community relations and marketing and has previously worked as translator, tutor, teaching assistant and language institutes instructor. Mary Anne was also involved in event production and TV production. She has received her Master of Journalism in Integrated Marketing Communications. Her education foundation includes a degree in Marketing and Management and a degree in Radio and Television.

"Great dialogue with teacher and students. The class was very thorough and informative. I will be armed with lots of information to use moving forward."
"Very knowledgeable in how to create and manage documents with detailed number schemes and linking them to a table of contents. This course will really help reduce the amount of time when we create these large technical documents. She was an excellent instructor."

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Chad McAtee,

Chad McAtee serves students in both the Continuing Education and credit degree-seeking program. Chad is a consultant in the fields of Art Direction and Graphic Design. Chad's style is fun and informal, and students of all skills and backgrounds consistently enjoy being in his classes.

"Chad is knowledgeable, patient, and personable. Our class was of varying ages and skill levels, and he adjusts the pace and teaching to meet everyone's needs."
"The instructor was top notch and made me feel more at ease with content that I initially thought was going to feel so foreign to me. He made it easy to grasp."

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Bethany Spilde,

Bethany Spilde is a social media visionary, a certified personal branding coach and Hootsuite certified. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a marketing emphasis. She is a Certified Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach. Making a positive difference in a student's life is Bethany’s inspiration. She achieved the dream of playing professional volleyball in France and recently going into business with her best friend.

"Fantastic class. Bethany provided tips and tricks for using LinkedIn that I will apply to my profiles on LinkedIn. She was so encouraging and thoughtful in helping me brainstorm ideas for my business."
"Bethany was dynamite! Appreciate her knowledge, patience, and positivity with us."

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Jordan Svancara,

Jordan Svancara’s professional background includes earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and being a certified Azure Architect. She enjoys teaching at JCCC because the business professionals in class are curious and motivated. As a Startup Technical Evangelist, she empowered Kansas City entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Outside of the classroom Jordan occupies her time with her family, making content for YouTube, video games, and cross stitching.

"Jordan is great with walking through the steps and providing great instructions and answering along the way."