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Create your own signature masterpieces, from jewelry to watercolor landscapes to crocheted clothing. Try everything from metals to exotic yarns—the variety of media you can explore is extensive.

Why take an art class at Johnson County Community College? Because creating, designing, and even getting messy making art is fun, plus there’s a piece of your imagination in the finished product.

Our Arts and Crafts courses at JCCC allow you to find your muse through many different forms of art. You’ll get to learn a range of topics to help foster your creativity and further your education, allowing you to develop an appreciation for the arts and the ability to recognize and practice certain crafts.

See what our Arts & Crafts Continuing Education program at JCCC can do for you!

How will Arts & Crafts courses at JCCC enhance my life or career?

Art is personally valuable. It helps relieve stress and express emotions. It’s a way to calm and center ourselves and is essential for creating. When you register for one of JCCC’s Arts & Crafts courses, you’ll:

  • Expand your talents and discover new skills
  • Get to know local artists
  • Gain a sense of personal achievement
  • Make your very own piece of one-of-a-kind art
  • Meet new, like-minded friends

We offer a broad range of courses and experiences—from painting and drawing to metalsmithing, jewelry-making, and sculpture. Browse through all of our current in-person arts and crafts courses on the Continuing Education course website. We offer both live online and online courses in many subjects as well.

Why choose JCCC Continuing Education Arts & Crafts courses?

  • We’re Experienced: Our arts and crafts instructors are knowledgeable industry professionals.
  • We’re Up-to-Date: Our arts and crafts courses are relevant, our instructors know what they’re teaching, and our spaces and equipment are top-notch.
  • We’re Flexible: JCCC offers face-to-face, online, and hybrid classes.
  • We’re Convenient: Get high-quality courses and training close to home.
  • We’re Affordable: Course registration costs are reasonable.
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