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Responsible for visualizing, planning, leading, executing, and evaluating the Strategic Plan.


Strategic Planning Council and Cabinet

The Strategic Planning Council (SPC) is intended to represent the breadth of JCCC. Its primary purpose, along with Cabinet, is to review and to make recommendations to the President regarding planning goals, strategies, and action plans at the college.

The SPC and Cabinet:
  • reviews plans and the progress made;
  • provides input at various points of the planning process;
  • ensures the strategic planning process is followed and proposes changes to the process of planning (including its relationship to budgeting and resource allocation) as needed;
  • ensures that progress toward the plan and planning process reflects the “voices” of the college community (based upon the information provided, one’s experience, etc.);
  • recommends revisions to the Strategic Plan; and
  • provides counsel to the President as requested.

Goal Teams and Champions

Goal Teams consisting of up to 20 individuals were identified by the Strategic Planning Council to develop Strategies aligned with each of the Goals. These teams are led by two Champions who are responsible to guide the implementation of these Strategies. These teams developed and prioritized strategies using the Strategy-Challenge Mapping process.

Strategy Teams and Co-Chairs

The Strategy Teams flesh out the strategy statements, identifying plans to accomplish the Strategies over the next 2-3 years. These Strategy Plans include identifying the steps needed, who will be completing those steps, timeline for when the steps should be completed, necessary resources to accomplish the strategy, and any potential conflict with other strategies.

The Strategy Teams also develop Action Plans that focus on how to accomplish Strategy Plans over the next 12-18 months. These include more detailed tactical steps that must be completed to implement the strategy.

These teams will also be responsible for coordinating the implementation of each of the strategy and action plans. These teams are led by two co-chairs who facilitate the development of the plans.

Data Strategy Team

The Data Strategy Team is a sub-team of the Strategic Planning Council focused on researching and recommending a set of college-wide, top-level metrics to help measure progress of each goal. Secondarily, Data Liaisons were assigned to each Goal to help identify and advise on using appropriate metrics to measure the success of each of the Strategies.