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The Research Participant Protection Program is Johnson County Community College's institutional review board or IRB.

Research Participant Protection Program (RPPP)

The RPPP ensures the safety and well-being of human subjects participating in research studies being conducted by JCCC students, faculty and staff, as well as all research projects involving human participants occurring at JCCC.

If your research involves gathering data from living human beings or identifiable information associated with living human beings from any source, then the RPPP must review and grant approval (or exemption) for the project before you begin.

If you are unsure whether your project requires review, contact the RPPP for guidance. You may also wish to visit our list of resources for investigators.

The RPPP monitors research studies to ensure that the human, civil, and legal rights of human research participants are respected and that researchers are adhering to the highest ethical standards. Please note that RPPP approval can only be given for up to one year.

Ongoing projects must seek reapproval if: (1) any changes are made to the research protocol, or (2) the data will remain active beyond the expiration of the original approval (one year from the original approval date).

Follow these instructions to submit your proposal.