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JCCC’s Strategic Academic Master Plan reflects the college’s academic goals and priorities.

Johnson County Community College’s Strategic Academic Master Plan reflects the College’s mission, vision, values, and academic goals and priorities. The Strategic Academic Master Plan provides a framework for ongoing analysis, academic planning, and decision making that prioritizes academic excellence, establishes action plans for continuous improvement, and provides guidance for resource allocation and facilities planning.

Mission, Vision and Values

Strategic Plan

Download the JCCC Academic Master Plan (PDF)

Goal 1 

Ensure excellent academic programming to improve student success and retention in both transfer programs and career and technical programs.

Objective 1. Offer academic programming to meet the needs of our students, communities, and the industries we serve in career and technical and transfer programs. Strategically provide support structures for all programs to ensure the competitiveness of certificate and degree programs.

Objective 2. Provide state-of-the-art instructional facilities as appropriate for the disciplines. Develop a plan to anticipate and meet facility and capacity needs for all programs.

Objective 3. Develop infrastructure to provide flexible scheduling for a variety of courses and modalities in alignment with the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan at JCCC.

Objective 4. Align with KBOR initiatives and policies to expand transfer opportunities without impacting career and technical programs and students with prior credit.

Objective 5. Collaborate with Student Services and build infrastructure that supports a mandatory advising model by leveraging the Guided Pathways project.

Goal 2

Develop, encourage, and support superior teaching, learning, and scholarship.

Objective 1.  Actively recruit and retain highly accomplished faculty and staff.

Objective 2.  Foster a culture of continuous professional growth, in which all employees are empowered to enhance their skills to advance the mission of the college and their career goals.

Goal 3

Maintain a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Objective 1. Enhance connections with the community.

Objective 2. Through collaboration with the campus bookstore, promote open educational resources (OER) and other cost-effective course materials for students.

Objective 3. Explore ways to incorporate artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies to enhance student learning, and provide guidance for faculty and staff in upholding excellence and academic honesty.

Objective 4. Foster interdepartmental collaboration across JCCC to strengthen academic programs, and promote interdisciplinary curriculum enhancements between the academic and support areas within Academic Affairs to support student learning.

Objective 5. Foster a culture of curiosity and exploration through programs, co-curricular activities, and innovative teaching methods.