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Online tutoring is free and available by appointment to all JCCC students.

Schedule an Appointment for Online Tutoring

This service provides support to any writer at any stage of the writing process; for example, writers seeking assistance with brainstorming, development, citation, organization, mechanics, or formatting. A writer can access online tutoring sessions from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Your peer tutor will use an interactive whiteboard and web camera to explain writing concepts, examples and to upload helpful PDF handouts or other links to clarify content.

Connecting with an ONLINE tutor is simple. Just click on the blue bar to schedule an appointment.

Once the Appointment is made, you will receive confirmation by email. Another email will be sent one hour before your scheduled time that will provide a quick and easy link to the Zoom Conference room. If your tutor has not arrived yet, please wait patiently.

What You Need to Prepare

The Zoom software allows you to conference by IM, audio, and/or video (be sure your computer has a camera if you are a visual learner).

  1. Have your paper open, either in Google Drive (preferred) or as Word.docx. If you do not know how to share documents in Google Drive, just wait for your tutor and she will talk you through it.
  2. Have the writing prompt or guidelines viewable for the tutor.
  3. Have your email open to quickly access the Zoom link.
  4. Ten minutes prior to your meeting, please click the link in the appointment reminder email and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Wait patiently for a tutor to come online and direct you further.


If you experience problems, please call the Writing Center at 913-469-3439.