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JCCC faculty recommend that students review their skills in English, math and reading prior to taking the ACCUPLACER placement test.

The AAC can help students identify areas that they need to review using online training and skill improvement software. Based on a series of diagnostic tests, the system can assign review modules in each subject area.

Interested students need to visit the AAC to obtain a user account. Then students may work independently using any computer with access to the internet. However, AAC faculty and staff will always be available during normal operating hours to answer questions and provide additional instruction and resources

ACCUPLACER Reading Readiness Review

Students who score between 78 and 84 on the ACCUPLACER reading test and have already used their retake opportunities for the semester may earn one additional opportunity to test out of RDG 126 by enrolling in the AAC Reading Readiness Review. This is an intensive, self-guided 14-day review using the Pearson My Reading Lab platform. Contact the AAC (ext. 4589) or visit with a JCCC Counselor for details.