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Whenever an individual is injured or becomes ill, promptly ensure the individual receives the appropriate medical attention.

  1. If the injury/illness is serious or life-threatening, immediately contact the JCCC Campus Police Department at ext. 4111 from a campus phone or 913-469-2500 from a cellphone. If you are at an off-campus location dial 911.
  2. Do not move the person unless it is necessary for safety reasons.
  3. Protect the person from unnecessary manipulation and disturbance.
  4. To the extent that you are trained, begin CPR and other first aid measures as appropriate.
  5. Stay with the person until advanced medical assistance arrives.
  6. If the injury/illness is not serious or life threatening, ask the individual what assistance is needed.

Also contact the JCCC Campus Police Department at ext. 4111 from a campus phone or 913-469-2500 from a cellphone to assist to the extent requested by the affected individual.

Employees who suffer an on-the-job injury/illness should remember the following:

  • Regardless of severity, promptly report all on-the-job injuries/illnesses via the Work Comp Incident Form to your supervisor AND Insurance and Risk Management (ext. 2508).
  • In emergency situations, contact the JCCC Campus Police Department at ext. 4111 for 913-469-2500. If you are at an off-campus location, dial 911.
  • In non-emergency situations, contact Insurance and Risk Management (ext. 2508) to secure a referral to the appropriate medical facility.
  • Although some on-the-job injuries/illnesses may not require medical attention, always promptly report all on-the-job illnesses/injuries via the Work Comp Incident Form in the event you need medical treatment at a later date