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Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are located in each building on campus and in police vehicles.

AED locations

Location or
Building Code
JCCC PD JCCC Police Department
Vehicle 112
Vehicle 113 (Fusion)
Vehicle 114
Vehicle 119
Vehicle 211 (pickup)
ATB Temporarily located in Room 192
CC Main Lobby
Outside Virginia Krebs Community Room
CC Theater
Backstage by office CC 191
CC Police Department
Outside of dispatch
CLB First Floor - near restrooms
CLB Second Floor - near restrooms
COM First Floor - outside West entrance to Java Jazz
COM Second Floor - wall at top of stairs, outside COM 200 and 201
COM Third Floor - across the hall from COM 309 in the main walkway
CSB Middle Hallway - bottom of stairs
CTEC (north) First Floor - by the restrooms
CTEC (north) Second Floor – on wall across from restrooms near elevator
CTEC (south) First Floor - outside Room 137
FADS First Floor - central hallway outside of restrooms near elevator
GEB First Floor - left of men's restroom
GP West Corridor Wall outside GP 101
GYM Main Lobby First Floor
Outside gymnasium
GYM Gym Fitness Center First Floor
On wall behind service counter
GYM Gym Training Room Lower Level
Room 017, emergency kit closet
GYM Gym Training Room Lower Level
Room 017, emergency kit closet (mobile unit)
GYM Gym Fieldhouse Lower Level
On wall across from reception desk
HCDC First Floor - Office 102
HSC Main Lobby - by women's restroom
ITC Center Building Entrance - main hallway
ITC Burlington Northern side, across from BNSF Room 28
LIB First Floor - Room 120 - outside  LIB 120A
LIB Second Floor - lounge area just outside library entrance/across from LIB 227
NMOCA Prep room by overhead dock door
OCB First Floor - east hallway just outside restrooms
PA Hallway, by PA 127
PA Storage, across from PA 118
RC First Floor men's restroom entry, across from RC 140
RC Third Floor men’s restroom entry, across from RC 340
SC First Floor - near Student Welcome Desk/across from Bookstore
SC Second Floor at base of staircase
SCI First Floor hallway by SCI 115
SCI Dental Hygiene Clinic
Second Floor - main hallway outside SCI 209
WLB Hallway by WLB 103, AED Plus
WH Across from Post Office entry door
WHCA Main hallway across from restrooms
LPC Lobby/snack area next to water fountain
OHEC First Floor - south wall directly across from main office, Room 121
OHEC Second Floor - top of center stairwell
WPK Hallway by Room 178