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Career Development Center

Get answers to your most important questions: Where am I going in life? What am I good at doing? Which major should I choose? How can I get a job?

A career counselor reviews assessment results with a student while another student talks with a different counselor to schedule a future appointment.

You enrolled at JCCC because you have started the journey to make your dreams come true. The Career Development Center team can help you map it out.

Think about career decision-making as a road trip. Preparation takes time and energy, but this road trip is a lifelong process of self-discovery: Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there?

Career Decision Model Image

Who am I? Discover

Through workshops and assessments, you can find out more about yourself—your values, interests, personality, skills and strengths—to make informed decisions when choosing a career or major.

Where am I going? Explore

You need a good idea of where you’d like to end up before you can plan out the perfect path. Start by investigating college majors, researching careers, and taking advantage of learning opportunities. Then explore the job market. Don’t forget: being open to alternate routes or unexpected detours can bring their own enjoyable surprises.

How do I get there? Prepare

The final steps involve choosing a major, developing an educational action plan, and preparing and searching for a job or internship. Our career development experts can help you develop the skills you need to hit the road to success:

  • Writing a strong resume
  • Reading a job listing
  • Applying for an internship
  • Finding the right job
  • Impressing during an interview