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All JCCC students who are enrolled in an anatomy, anatomy and physiology or head and neck anatomy class during the current semester may use the Anatomy Open Lab.

Student identification for the anatomy lab

You will need to provide your JCCC ID card to use the anatomy lab and the materials in the lab. You will be allowed one week to obtain a valid JCCC ID card for the first week of classes. If your JCCC ID is forgotten, lost, or temporarily misplaced, you will be able to access the lab one time without an ID card. After that, you will need to replace your JCCC ID. Student IDs may be obtained and/or validated at the circulation desk in the library or the student activities desk in the Student Center. 

Individuals who are not currently enrolled in the approved anatomy courses, mentioned above, will not be able to use the lab. Please note, appropriate dress is expected in the lab, including wearing shoes at all times.

Anatomy lab monitors

Anatomy lab monitors are hired by the College to supervise the lab. Lab monitors are responsible for the operation and the environment of the lab, to ensure a conducive environment for learning. Your cooperation with the lab monitors is important. Failure to comply with the lab monitor’s instructions may result in loss of lab privileges. Lab monitors do not have access to the instructor's class packet, so it is important that you bring these materials with you to the lab.

Checking in and out of the anatomy lab

You will be required to scan your JCCC ID card to enter and exit the lab. Your JCCC ID card will remain with the lab monitor until you leave the lab and do not plan to return. You do not need to notify the lab monitor when leaving the room for a break. However, all models must stay in the lab room.

Anatomy lab model checkout procedures

You will need to do the following to check out materials for use in the anatomy lab:

  • Scan your JCCC ID card.
  • Present your JCCC ID card to the lab monitor to keep your card for the duration of your visit.
  • Complete a model request form, including any model keys needed.
  • Verify that the model doesn't have any damage/missing parts. If so, you will need to report this to the lab monitor on duty.

Each student can check out no more than 3 models at a time.  You must return the models to the lab monitor in order to check out different models.  Models cannot be transferred to another student without first returning the model to the lab monitor and filling out new paperwork.  Models must remain in the open lab classrooms.  There are a few models that are in limited supply so sharing with another student is encouraged. However, the student that checked out the model needs to return it to the lab monitor.

Returning anatomy lab models

To reclaim your JCCC ID card, you will need to return your model(s) in the same condition as issued to you. Please allow the monitors time to inspect each model upon return before reclaiming your ID.

Number of students in an anatomy lab classroom

Open lab classrooms are limited to a maximum of 32 students. If the room is full, notify the monitor to place your name on a waiting list. You will be notified when you will be able to enter the lab.

Time limitations in anatomy labs

There will be a one-hour limit after you have signed into the lab, if there are other students waiting to use the lab. We want to offer all students the opportunity to use the lab and encourage you to plan ahead so everyone has the opportunity to use it. 

Food, drink & tobacco in the anatomy labs

Food and drinks are not allowed in the open lab classroom. You are free to exit to consume your snacks in the hallway or you may leave your drinks on the counter. Chewing tobacco is not permitted in the classroom.

Children in the anatomy labs

Children of any age are not permitted in the anatomy lab. 

Noise in the anatomy classroom

You should be considerate of others studying in the anatomy lab. Study groups should be especially mindful of the noise level of their group. Electronic equipment without headphones is not permitted in the open lab. Cell phones should be switched to silent mode or turned off. Phone calls on cell phones are to be taken in the hallway. The phone in the room is for emergency and staff use only. 

Loss of anatomy lab privileges

If you receive a second warning by the lab monitor for violating the lab rules, your lab privileges will be suspended. You can meet with your instructor and the Anatomy Lab Supervisor to determine if the suspension will be lifted.