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Would you like tips and tools to help you tackle your coursework this semester? Working with a Reading Specialist can help you succeed and provide you with strategies to approach your readings and assignments with confidence.

This is a free resource for students enrolled in at least one credit class at JCCC. Our knowledgeable Reading Specialists have years of experience and look forward to working with you. 

How can I get assistance – so I can get an edge?

Visit with a Reading Specialist – View online schedule and Zoom link. This schedule is subject to change. No appointment is needed. If you have questions, email 

JCCC offers Reading Specialist assistance online and in person within the Academic Achievement Center (AAC), located on the first floor of the Library during scheduled hours. (Reading Specialist assistance may be available through online Zoom only; check the schedule for details.) Start your college career with the tools you need to succeed, and gain confidence along the way. 

How can a Reading Specialist help me succeed?

You will receive individualized, focused attention from a Reading Specialist to address your specific academic needs as they relate to reading and becoming a successful student.

The Reading Specialist can help you:

  • Understand course assignments
  • Navigate technology: Canvas, Zoom, working with online text, completing online assignments
  • Utilize active learning strategies and build strategic reading and study skills
  • Improve comprehension by identifying main ideas, supporting details and patterns of organization and making inferences
  • Organize textbook information by using annotation, note-taking, outlining, and mapping
  • Read critically by determining fact and opinion, the author’s purpose, tone, and point of view
  • Use critical thinking skills while reading
  • Interpret graphics such as diagrams, tables, and maps

Where can I find free academic resources?

Take advantage of resources available within the Reading Specialist Resource Center (RSRC) on Canvas. Resources include information and short videos related to reading strategies for all disciplines, study skills, how to be a successful student, time management, technology, and Zoom support. 

Enroll in the RSRC Canvas shell