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After an employee/student has reported answering "yes" to any of the Daily Wellness Self-Check questions, please inform and advise as follows:

Report the Case to the Contact Tracing Team

To make a report, complete the COVID-19 reporting form below.

Anyone can make a report – instructor, supervisor, student or employee.

 The form will ask for the following information to facilitate contact tracing efforts:

  • Reporter name and contact
  • Employee/student name and contact information (if known)
  • Type of report: positive test, exposure or general illness/other

List all known information you have at this time:

  • When the individual was last on campus.
  • Locations the individual visited on campus.
  • Individual's onset-of-symptoms date; list known symptoms, vaccination status if known.
  • Status – what did the individual do (COVID-19 test and test date, clinic, health department, isolation, quarantine, etc.).
  • Any observed “close contacts” at JCCC (within 6 feet for a cumulative 15 minutes or more).

(If you are a faculty or staff member who would like to understand how to respond to COVID-19 reports, see instructor response or supervisor response in InfoHub.)

Complete the COVID-19 reporting form

What to Expect Next

To close each case, the Contact Tracing Team will evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis and respond and communicate accordingly with the Employee/Student and Supervisor/Instructor(s) when the individual can return to campus safely and follow up.