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July 3, 2024

A drive to give back motivated Logan Grigsby to succeed and get involved.

JCCC student Logan Grigsby has an exciting year ahead of him.

He was recently elected as the incoming Student Senate President. In addition, he’s a member of Model UN and the Honors Program, serves as the treasurer for both the International Club and DECA, participates in the Philosophy Club, and finds time to play for the Pickleball Club.

“The opportunity to be the voice of the student body and help shape JCCC's future fills me with an immense pride,” he said.

According to Logan, his impressive resume is a result of the opportunities he pursued when he enrolled at JCCC.

JCCC helps you find your passion

Before becoming a Cavalier, Logan said he felt “stuck.” At 25, he had been working the same repetitive warehouse job since 18 and found it unfulfilling.

He knew an education could help him find a career he was passionate about. While he had struggled in high school, he was motivated to pursue higher education and build a better life for himself.

“I was ready to live up to my full potential,” Logan said.

Stepping inside JCCC’s classrooms, he found instructors that matched his ambitions and were eager to help him on his path to success.

“The faculty have a contagious enthusiasm,” he said. “Knowing that they really care about each of their students makes a huge difference.”

A supportive learning environment set the stage for Logan to excel. His grades skyrocketed, landing him on the Dean's list and eventually the President's list.

JCCC’s community supports you

As Logan continued to succeed academically, he suffered a personal tragedy, losing his sister to an overdose. The JCCC community, including his online Intro to Business professor George Ferguson, rallied around him.

“I just messaged him and said, ‘Hey, I'm freaking out,’” said Logan. “And he was very understanding. He asked if I was okay, if I needed someone to talk to, and told me it’s going to be okay. And that really made the difference for me.”

“You can tell when a student is having a difficult time,” said Professor Ferguson. “For Logan, I told him to focus on him and his family and talk with one of our counselors. We continued to follow up, and he finished his class very strong.”

Logan said his sister wanted him to live life to the fullest. To honor her legacy, he decided to take advantage of JCCC’s thriving campus culture and get involved.

“I decided I wanted to go to Cav Kickoff and check out as many clubs and organizations across campus as possible,” he said.

With over 100 clubs and organizations to choose from, Logan pursued every opportunity that interested him. As a result of his efforts, he’s traveled the country, made lasting friendships and stepped outside his comfort zone.

“I’ve traveled to Austin with DECA and Chicago with Model UN,” he said. “The best experience was the annual International Club retreat, where we go camping for a weekend. I was a little nervous going into it, but it turned into a great way to meet people and make friends.”

Start here, go anywhere!

With a long list of accomplishments that continues to grow, Logan has his sights set on a career in law as a way to give back to the community and honor his sister. In fact, a recent JCCC environmental science class showed him an area where he could focus his talents.

“Seeing how the environment is treated gave me an epiphany,” he said. “I would like to work for the betterment of the planet. I think we all deserve clean streams, clean air, and a clean society.”

Wherever his interests take him, Logan’s time as a Cavalier is just the beginning.

“I was committed to changing my life,” he said. “JCCC’s resources helped ignite a passion in me and I'm determined to make a positive impact on the community.”

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