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JCCC Dental Hygiene students provide services under the supervision of dentists and registered dental hygienists. Appointments are scheduled by the student and are not guaranteed. If you are not called, you may call to check on your status.

Only preventive treatment is provided. No restorative or emergency treatment is available. For a complete diagnosis of treatment needs, you must see your own dentist. At your request, we will send diagnostic X-rays to your dentist. To make a request, please complete the Client X-Ray Request form below.


  • Blood pressure screening
  • Oral examination
  • X-rays as needed
  • Patient education
  • Teeth scaled and polished
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Other selected services (sealants)

Making an Appointment, Cost

The clinic provides services to JCCC students, faculty, community members and children beginning at the age of 4. If you have a special dental or medical condition (such as heart disease, hepatitis, high blood pressure or diabetes) we may need a written statement from your physician prior to treating you. The cost for services is $10 (cash, check, credit or debit card) which covers all services and is due at the first appointment.

One of our staff dentists can sign school-age children’s dental cards if they do not need additional treatment. Most children are seen in the clinic during the spring semester.


To request an appointment, please complete the JCCC Dental Hygiene Clinic Appointment Request Form or contact the clinic at 913-469-3808. Requests are taken at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. The clinic is NOT open in the summer.

Once completed, your name will be placed on a list for patient appointments. Students are responsible for appointing their own patients according to their own schedule and requirements. Therefore, appointments are not guaranteed. If you are appointed, these times are limited and valuable. Please make every effort to keep your appointment date and time. If you must cancel, please give your student 24 hours’ notice. Otherwise, you may not be eligible for future appointments.

Patient’s Bill of Rights

The students, faculty and staff at Johnson County Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic strive to provide high quality care in a pleasant atmosphere. All of our patients are entitled to:

  • Considerate and respectful treatment in a clean and safe environment.
  • Receive treatment without discrimination as to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or source of payment.
  • Continuity and completion of dental hygiene care that meets the professional standard.
  • Advance knowledge of the cost of the dental hygiene service.
  • Access to complete and current information about his/her oral conditions.
  • Receive information that is needed to give informed consent for any proposed procedure or treatment.
  • An explanation of the recommended dental hygiene treatment, treatment alternatives and the expected outcome.
  • Refuse treatment and be told what effect this may have on their oral health.
  • Confidentiality regarding their medical condition, oral health and patient records.

The Dental Hygiene Clinic provides limited services. Our staff dentist will give written referrals for recommended services. Patients are encouraged to routinely seek appointments with their community dentist. Recommendations for community dentists will be given upon request.

You will be informed if there is a need for a medical consultation with your physician regarding your current health. Treatment at the Clinic may be denied or delayed based on certain medical conditions.

The JCCC Dental Hygiene Clinic is in compliance with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Confidentiality of individual records is maintained. Only members of the faculty, staff and students with a legitimate need are allowed access to patient records. Release of patient records requires the individual’s written consent.

Expectation of Our Dental Hygiene Patients

  • Your treatment may take several appointments. If it does, you will be informed at your first appointment of the approximate amount of time needed.
  • Because students must complete patients for credit, we must ask that you commit to the time frame you are given.
  • Arrive on time and respect faculty, students and staff while at the JCCC Dental Hygiene Clinic.
  • Give your student hygienist twenty-four (24) hours’ notice when you must cancel a scheduled appointment.
  • If you break your patient care commitment more than once, this could affect your ability to be a patient in the clinic.