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For each semester that you want to have your enrollment certified to the VA, you must download, complete and submit the Enrollment Certification Request for VA Education Benefits (PDF) and the Educational Objective Compliance Agreement for VA Education Benefits (PDF) to the JCCC Veteran Services office.

It is strongly recommended that you submit this form well in advance of the first day of courses for each semester.

If you make a change to your schedule after you've submitted your Enrollment Certification Request, please complete and submit the Schedule Change Notification form (PDF).

When you submit paperwork to our office, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt of your forms from the JCCC Veteran Services office.

Your course schedule will be reviewed by the Veteran Services office. To be certified to the VA, your classes must be required for your JCCC educational objective. To ensure that your classes will be certified, you should use the JCCC DegreeCheck program to see how your classes are fitting into your JCCC educational objective.

When your enrollment is certified to the VA, you will receive an email confirmation of receipt from the Veterans Administration.

All email notifications will go to your JCCC stumail address. It is your responsibility to check this account regularly.

JCCC has many free resource centers to assist you with tutorial services. If you find that you need additional assistance, the VA has a tutorial assistance program that can reimburse you for a private tutor. Please contact the Veterans Administration advisor if you would like more information on using this program.