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Start in the classroom, forge a future

Spend your school day preparing for your dream job. Learn real-world skills and gain practical knowledge through JCCC’s Career Ready programs.

What is Career Ready?

As a high school student, you can enroll in a Career Ready program and earn a certificate at JCCC. Half your school day is spent at JCCC, with the other half at your home high school gaining valuable skills each day!

Why choose Career Ready programs?

Take the next step toward a high-earning, in-demand career while in high school.

By enrolling in a Career Ready program, you’ll gain:

  • Relevant, hands-on learning opportunities
  • Résumé-building leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Valuable connections with local businesses
  • College credit at an affordable rate
  • Faster entry into your ideal job

Career Ready participating school districts

These Kansas school districts have agreements with JCCC as part of the Early College Partnerships & Outreach Office. Find your district and start the process to become career ready!