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Online Learning

JCCC's online classes put a college education at your fingertips.

What is online learning?

Online learning is a course delivery method that allows you to learn from a location convenient to you. Class activities are managed through online tools, which provide access to JCCC's top instructors and resources within a structured framework.

As an online learner, you'll enjoy increased convenience and flexibility while pursuing your education. Keep in mind, online is not synonymous with self-paced. Assignment instructions and deadlines are clearly communicated by your instructor throughout the semester to help keep you on track.

While the majority of online learning takes place from a distance, please note instructors can require up to five on-campus exams per class. Before you enroll, ensure you can make arrangements to visit campus as required.

Find your classes

Online classes launch throughout the year. Short-term and late-start online courses are also available. For more information, visit our Online Course Information Guide.

Search the class schedule - Select the term you need from the drop-down, then filter by subject and other details to access the schedule of classes.

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Is online learning right for you?

Technology access, learning styles and study habits can impact your online class success. A desktop computer or laptop is a must – smartphones and tablets will not suffice. Additionally, you need to be an engaged and proactive learner. Effective communication, technology and time management skills are essential.

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Use your Canvas portal to its full potential by reviewing the following information:

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