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Women and Gender Studies (WGS) offers specific information and enlightenment that encourages personal and political empowerment, self-confidence, community building, learning ways to understand differences, and understanding how gender intersects with multiple diversities, experiences, and identities.

What will I learn in JCCC’s Women & Gender Studies program?

Throughout the world, people are discussing gender in broader terms. Equity, diversity, and global connections are at the forefront of many topics.

The Women and Gender Studies program at JCCC will help you gain knowledge and experience in activism and human rights as you examine the history and ideas of gender across time, geography, and media. Develop your critical thinking in history, politics, anthropology, art and literature, media relations, and cultural studies.

You will:

  • Assess the cultural and social construction of gender.
  • Discuss the history, experiences, and contributions of women to society.
  • Learn how gender influences the lives of all people, whether they identify as women, men, transgender, or nonbinary.
  • Increase your written and oral communication skills.
  • Study sexuality and sexual orientation with an interdisciplinary approach.

JCCC’s Gender Studies program requires thinking about positive change for the future while recognizing past events and consequences. These classes enhance any course of study.

[Catalog] Women and Gender Studies courses

[Catalog] ARTH 200 - Women, Art, and Society

[Catalog] HIST 260 - Women in U. S. History

[Catalog] PHIL 177 - Feminist Theory

[Catalog] SOC 270 - Men and Masculinities

Why JCCC for Women & Gender Studies courses?

At JCCC, you’ll learn from instructors (not teaching assistants). We offer:

  • Options that complement gender studies and stretch your interdisciplinary thinking.
  • Designated classes that transfer as a diversity credit to many Kansas colleges. All JCCC WGS coursework transfers to the University of Kansas Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies degree program.
  • More debate and intimate conversations with other students in smaller classes (25 max).
  • Interdisciplinary courses with exposure to experts in history, art history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, literature, film, and political science.
  • A choice of face-to-face or online classes.
  • Lower tuition than four-year schools—you’ll pay less for similar coursework.
  • A variety of relevant student clubs like the American Association of University Women to meet with like-minded friends.
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Gender Studies emphasizes critical thinking across many disciplines, which can be vital to career success. Evaluating gender opportunities that women and men face daily will make you a more successful leader in any organization and effective in diverse work settings, such as:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Politics
  • Law
  • Policy Planning
  • Social work
  • Research
  • Teaching and Education
  • Media and Journalism
  • Community Development
  • Women’s Services
  • Human Rights and Equal Opportunity

Students will likely find the cost of going to school both expensive and stressful. Because of this, JCCC is always working to make tuition more affordable to ensure student success.

At JCCC, we offer multiple options, including:

Additional fees may be required for textbooks and supplies. The fees associated with these items will vary depending on which Women and Gender Studies courses you are enrolled in.

There are several things to consider when budgeting for college. Visit our Cost of Attendance page for detailed information.

There are many resources and tools available for JCCC students to take advantage of. At JCCC, not only do we offer small class sizes, but we also have one-on-one learning experiences and personalized tutoring services.

The Financial Aid Office is a great resource for students who may need to lower their out-of-pocket expenses each semester. Speak to our counselors about exploring scholarship and/or student loan opportunities.

Our Academic Counseling services, as well as the Career Development Center, are both great places to start if you need help figuring out your post-graduation plans.

If you're looking to transfer your JCCC credits to another university, JCCC makes the process as easy as possible for you.