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Dell Thomas

Welding Trainer

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Dell Thomas wants to take his talents in welding to the next level, which is teaching others in the industry how to elevate themselves as welders from good to great. Thomas has more than 10 years' experience as a Union Ironworker for local #10. His teaching approach is one of understanding students' frustrations and once he's instilled confidence in them, he pushes them to excel beyond their point of comfort, which gives them even more belief in their abilities. Thomas believes NARS is valuable because it helps the future of railroading continue to be relevant with changing times. He and his wife enjoy trying new restaurants, coffee shops, church involvement and traveling.

"We (NARS instructors) have varying personalities, strengths and backgrounds yet my colleagues continue to share ideas. We fit together like a puzzle." – Dell Thomas

"If you are new to this than I want you to plan on doing your projects more than once to improve your skill; and if you are skilled then I want you to do it more than once to perfect what you do." – Dell Thomas