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Mioshi Neal-Stovall

Welding Trainer

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About 30 years ago, this former JCCC student worked for one of America's top manufacturers of cooling towers as a female welder in an essentially male-dominated field. After 20 years of service to that company, Mioshi Neal-Stovall had a goal to become a welding instructor. She started as a substitute at JCCC and then landed her dream job with NARS. Neal-Stovall believes in being a hands-on instructor who teaches by example. If a student struggles, she will work with them until they find the technique that's comfortable. She instills reliability and organization in her students, which is a beneficial career trait. In her free time, Neal-Stovall works on being fit and she enjoys reading.

"NARS curriculum is very valuable. It will help you accomplish your goals for your career life from becoming a conductor, carman and maintenance of way –– don't give up." – Mioshi Neal-Stovall