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John Massey

Assistant Professor

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John Massey teaches because he has a passion for welding and finds satisfaction in being able to share his knowledge of various welding processes. He also wanted to work in a credible program within a reputable institution that employs quality instructors: JCCC and NARS met all the requirements. He adapts his teaching style to each subject matter and the level of students’ experience. A highlight of his career was the time he spent as a lead welder at one of the largest valve manufacturing corporations in the world. Massey credits his industry experience as well as his ability to be kind, personable and patient as some of his greatest strengths. He appreciates that NARS teaches future railroad professionals proper procedures, which save time and prevent potentially costly mistakes on the job.

"As a group, we want to help individuals grow not just as welders, but as individuals." – John Massey

"Don't ever let anyone detour you from your goals. You have to ask yourself, 'How bad do you want it?' and then don’t let anyone or anything hold you back." – John Massey