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Jim Donaghy

Welding Trainer

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Jim Donaghy, NARS Railroad Welding Trainer, promotes learning by relating welding skills to real-world experiences when he teaches one of the twelve railroad welding classes being offered by NARS. He recognizes that each student learns differently and encourages all of his students to strive for excellence. Jim has been a welder since 1975 and received BNSF’s Railway Faculty Achievement Award in 2015. After gaining diverse experience in the business world, including management positions and 20 years of extensive travel, Jim returned to training welders. The excellence and diversity of the NARS welding training program is what convinced him to use his expertise to train others for future careers. Jim's goal is to continue to make NARS at JCCC the best railroad welding training in the country while encouraging his students to perform at their highest level.

"My advice to potential students is to strive to be an excellent welder. As a skilled welder, opportunities are always available for continued employment. The average age of a welder in the U.S. is currently 54, so the future continues to look bright for top-notch welders." – Jim Donaghy