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Tim Brown

Assistant Professor

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Tim Brown never set out on a mission to become a teacher. After 12 years, he left a class 1 railroad where he worked in conductor and management positions to find a job that offered more balance and quality of life. He was hired as a professor at NARS and now uses coaching strategies to determine what style of teaching will best serve his students. His experience made him aware of multiple sides of issues that surround the safe operation on railroads. Brown likes to build relationships and trust with each student. On the first day of each new class, he tells his students why they "should" be enrolled and explains how they have built-in goals that will make their training more valuable than those without NARS. When he's not teaching, Brown is with his family or being a musician at his church.

"NARS is not only an investment in yourself, but the program also requires complete attention. Students who are focused on the goal will have no problems with the coursework." – Tim Brown

"I truly believe completing this course, like any other education, makes the student more competitive than the applicant for the same position who has no training." – Tim Brown