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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Partially completed notes are available online under the MyCourses link at MyJCCC. The notes are completed during lecture class periods. Students are given homework assignments to complete covering material from the lecture and from the text book.

Resource Use

Book:              Extensive

Calculator:       Extensive

Software:         Limited

The textbook is needed for reading material not covered in the lecture as well as for homework assignments. Calculators are needed to complete homework, lab reports, and exams.


Tests are given at an even pace throughout the course by what could be considered unit-like divisions. Tests are open-book and notes to help alleviate test anxiety. Tests are time-limited so be prepared with a good understanding of where to find information quickly should you need to search for or confirm a concept or equation.

Homework Policy

Ten to 15 problems are assigned for each chapter and are collected on lab day. Each student is expected to present one problem either from the assigned set or from the remaining problems at the end of the chapter. Problems are selected on a first-come first-serve basis. The points for the homework are split 50% for turning a complete set of the assigned problems and 50% for the presented problem.

Lab reports are to be written in the journalistic style. They are to be in a note-it-as-you-go format with emphasis on completion rather than correctness. General procedures, calculations, data tables/graphs, and conclusions are expected though order is not essential. Most labs have homework-like questions that help to further illuminate the topic being studied. These should be answered in the journal as well. Lab journals are due at the next class period following the lab day.

Attendance Policy

I only take attendance during the first two weeks of the course. I do not allow makeup labs. Exams can be made up as long as arrangements are made within a week of the exam date. While not mandatory, attendance has a direct effect on success in this course.


I am available by email, text or by appointment.

Additional Information

The final exam is often at least partially a take-home exam. You may not use any resource other than your textbook and your notes for this take-home portion. The final exam cannot be made up and any schedule conflicts should be resolved with the other conflicting party.