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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Face-to-face sections with an emphasis on the principles of physics and problem solving techniques. Theory is presented and frequently followed by examples and applications.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate.

Resource Use

Textbooks are essential for learning the course content. Textbooks supplement the lecture (especially if you are absent), and provide practice problems.

A scientific calculator is required.  MS Excel will be used


Points are accumulated from tests, labs and quizzes/homework. Roughly 70% of the grade will be determined by unit exams plus final and 15% each by quizzes and labs.

A course score of 90 and above is an A.
A course score between 90% and 89% is a B.
A course score between 70% and 79% is a C.
A course score between 60% and 69% is a B.
A course score below 60 is an F.

Homework Policy

Due to fairness considerations, late work is generally not accepted or is graded with half credit.

Attendance Policy

Your absence may affect your grade because of your subsequent lack of knowledge and understanding. However, absences are NOT part of the grading formula. Makeup unit exams are discouraged and can only be taken for an officially excused absence. By necessity they will be different than the normally scheduled exam and will probably be harder.  The final exam percentage will not replace any missed unit exam.


I am available by email, telephone and appointment.