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What will I learn?

What is real? Is it possible to know anything and to prove it? Do humans have free will? What is the good life?

Ponder classic questions like these. Find yourself in deep discussions about existence, values, reason, ethics and how we should live. Evaluate current events using reason and logic—and sharpen those skills to tackle other challenging courses throughout your studies.

JCCC has a broad offering of Philosophy courses, including Asian Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion, compared to most community colleges. Start with Intro to Ethics or Logic and Thinking and learn the elements of careful reasoning.

Bioethics and Environmental Ethics will enlighten you on scientific, political and legal issues relevant to human biology and today’s environmental problems. These classes could count toward a science credit (check with your academic advisor).

Business Ethics will give you an in-depth look at the big picture of business practices. It’s a required course for degrees in business at four-year schools, and you can get the same quality instruction at a fraction of the cost at JCCC.

Several classes transfer to Kansas Board of Regents public postsecondary schools as well as many other four-year institutions.


Our faculty are published authors who regularly interact with humanities professors at area four-year schools. The College is also one of just 17 U.S. regional centers for the Asian Studies Development Program of the East-West Center at University of Hawaii.

More reasons why JCCC makes sense:

  • Small classes allow you to:
    • Ask questions
    • Engage in discussions
    • Connect with classmates and professors
  • We offer convenient online classes for many courses.
  • We’re affordable. Costs are reasonable and our campus is convenient to the metro area.

Meet with an Academic Counselor to talk about transferring to a four-year school if you want to pursue a bachelor's degree.

Ana L., philosophy student
"In gaining philosophical understanding, our appreciation of the intricate complexities of life awakens, and it helps us to become thinkers who are not afraid to ask difficult questions and delve into challenging topics in all areas of academics."
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Statistics show students who have earned college credits in philosophy tend to score higher on the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and the GMAT (Business School Admission Test) and have the fourth-highest median income among people with bachelor’s degrees. Future employers will appreciate your ability to think for yourself and communicate ideas clearly and logically. These versatile skills can lead you to careers in:

  • Education
  • Law
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Civil service
  • Marketing
  • Psychotherapy
  • Brokerage

Need help with career decisions? Visit the Career Development Center.

Money matters. JCCC is working hard to make tuition affordable for you.

Here’s what we offer:

Supplies and textbook costs vary depending on your classes.