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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Face-to-face sections. My classes are based on 25 years of green industry experience. I've been involved with a variety of turf and landscape careers, from lawn care, golf courses and sales consultant to research and extension faculty.  My classes are full of real-world examples and experiences. I'm very enthusiastic, so classes tend to be fast-paced, but fun.

Resource Use

My classes utilize textbooks to enhance the classroom material. Usually we will visit turf and landscape companies/properties to further advance the education and discussion. The field trips are a good opportunity to visit with turf and landscape managers to discuss issues and develop industry relationships.


Daily attendance is required and points will be assessed for attendance. There will be several quizzes and 2-3 exams. 

Homework Policy

Communication is key in any industry, but it is essential when dealing with customers and clients. Therefore, there will be one report/essay that will enhance and evaluate written communication skills.   

Attendance Policy

Daily attendance is required and points will be assessed for attendance. Attendance points cannot be made up. Quizzes and exams are scheduled and will not be rescheduled/made up unless extenuating circumstances exist.


I am available before and after class. I can also be reached by email at any time. And you can text or call my cell phone during normal business times.