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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

Class sessions consist of lectures to assist in students’ understanding of the material presented in the textbook, and discussions. Students should dive in with their questions, opinions and personal experiences. An active exchange of ideas keeps class interesting and expands everyone’s breadth of knowledge.

Resource Use

The textbook and atlas required for World Regional Geography are essential for successful completion of the course. D2L will be used, where possible, to cut back on the amount of paper distributed and collected for class, and to provide additional resources for students.


Grades will be based on the points received from five exams, two short papers, atlas assignments and participation in discussion.

Homework Policy

Late assignments will be accepted for a maximum of half credit, only if submitted by the next class period. Beyond that, late work will not be accepted.

Attendance Policy

Points are not given for attendance but class time is a student’s opportunity to give complete focus to the topic and accelerate their learning. It’s not an opportunity that should be missed!


I have posted office hours and I am available by email. I am happy to schedule an appointment if a face-to-face meeting is needed outside of class time or office hours.