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Communicate with others from around the world by speaking their language. When you master a language, you open a window into a new culture.

If you've set out to learn a language, you know that the favorite question is: "How is this going to help you find a job?" By increasing your communication skills and cultural know-how, studying a foreign language can nicely complement virtually any career preparation. The study of a language entails much more than merely learning grammar and memorizing vocabulary. It gives you solid preparation for understanding and dealing with an entirely new culture, a skill of increasing significance due to globalization.

Learning a language tells a potential employer about the kinds of skills and abilities you possess:

  • Flexibility in learning and thinking
  • An appreciation of diversity
  • Awareness of global perspectives
  • The ability to interact effectively with people of different backgrounds

Placement tests available in French, Spanish and German. Tests are administered in Testing Services.

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