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Clear, concise communication is key to success in any career.

Students attending an English class

JCCC’s English courses will help you sharpen your editing and revision skills or teach you specialized skills in a highly sought-after field. Whether you’re a freshman learning the writing basics or a working professional looking to switch careers, we have the classes for you.

What Will I Learn in JCCC’s English Courses?

Foundational Skills for Your College Career

JCCC English courses will help you become a better communicator, a stronger writer and a well-rounded reader.

Composition I and II are required for many degree and certificate programs at JCCC. You’ll learn all phases of the writing process, from discovering ideas and justifying your points with concise English to editing, revising and defending your final document.

After passing Composition I, explore several different options, from literature classes such as Shakespeare and Environmental Literature to a variety of creative writing classes and workshops for beginners and more advanced students.

Courses for the Working Professional

Our specialist writing courses meet a variety of needs for working professionals wanting to update their skills. Classes are offered every semester or every year.

Topics include:

  • Grants Writing
  • Advanced Grammar and Style
  • Digital Narratives
  • Writing for Interactive Media
  • Technical Writing
  • Advanced Composition

Sections are available to fit your schedule, with start times as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 6 p.m. We offer both full-semester and short-term composition classes. Online English courses offer even more flexibility.

Beyond the Basics

From the Bible as literature to the literature of American pop music, from Homer and Shakespeare to science fiction and children’s lit, you will learn to understand perspectives from all angles.

The freshman-level Introduction to Literature gives you an overview of poetry, fiction and drama. The 200-level courses look at literature from a variety of vantage points, including:

  • Genre — with courses like Introduction to Fiction, Introduction to Poetry, Drama as Literature, and Masterpieces of Cinema
  • Geography — with American Literature I and II, British Literature I and II, and World Masterpieces
  • Pop culture — through Literature of Science Fiction and Literature of American Pop Music
  • Diversity — with Literature by Women, U.S. Latino and Latina Literature, and the Bible as Literature

New this Spring: Advanced Grammar and Style

Are you interested in a writing and editing career? Jump-start your future profession in one semester with Advanced Grammar and Style! This new course is designed for students looking to gain professional experience in the writing and editing field.

In this class, you will:

  • Gain skills mastery and be able to edit professional documents in a variety of workplace settings.
  • Complete an online editing boot camp that ensures you have the skills you need to compete for editing and writing jobs.
  • Develop a portfolio for potential employers that will showcase your abilities and skills.

Open enrollment for ENGL 292: Special Topics begins Oct. 27 at 9 p.m.

Why JCCC’s English Courses?

An integral part of the college experience is writing clearly and including research in your written assignments. JCCC’s English courses run the full gamut of college-level writing, from crafting effective sentences to creating groundbreaking research projects, both technical and creative. 

The Mind’s Eye, a student-run literary magazine, gives you a chance to publish fiction, poetry and essays as well as art and photography. For more information, contact Professor Tom Reynolds, faculty advisor for The Mind’s Eye, at 913-469-8500, ext. 3935.

JCCC’s English Department faculty is marked by intellectual curiosity, creative endeavors, a commitment to students and to the discipline, and an unending drive to connect the local to the universal, the subjective to the objective, the me to the we, and the us to the them.

Our faculty’s cumulative college-teaching experience literally stretches into centuries. We’ve been fortunate to gather a community of experts not only in composition and rhetoric, but also in a wide array of literature, creative writing and film interests.

We take great pride in being an integral part of student success long after the student has taken his or her last Comp class. We are also proud to offer one of the most dynamic curricula not only at JCCC, but in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We offer students a simple transaction: a semester that takes a few months for an education that lasts a lifetime.

When supervisors seek to hire good employees, they search for candidates who can communicate effectively and empathize with others. English classes can help you improve writing and other skills.

English is for “real life.” In fact, corporate giants such as Google and Facebook are placing a higher emphasis on these “soft skills” after years of pressing the importance of “hard skills” such as science and technology. Why? As more of our workforce relies on technology, individuals must be able to understand each other, work in teams, and accept and adapt to diverse points of view. You can gain these key skills by taking English courses and practicing what you’ve learned.

Discover how English and writing classes can lead to a wide variety of careers! Visit the Career Development Center's Career Pathways page.

Money matters. JCCC is working hard to make tuition affordable for you.

Here’s what we offer:

Supplies and textbook costs vary depending on your classes.