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Instructors have provided the following information to generally describe what to expect in their classes.


Class Format

My classes are weighted primarily toward delivering the material on economics through lecture and Powerpoint presentations…however…in-class questions by the students and discussion concerning the material is highly encouraged!

Resource Use

Textbook: Yes (mandatory)

Calculator: Highly recommended.

Software: Yes, on-line homework is required and the student must purchase a code to access this learning platform. The current platform is called, “Connect On-line” by McGraw Hill publishers. If the code is purchased for macro, it can then be used the following semester in micro. If it’s purchased in micro, it can be used for macro.


The student's grade is based on a three categories of assignments:  1) In-class exams consisting of multiple choice and short answers (usually four total exams), 2) A series of graded worksheets distributed in class over the material currently being covered and 3) Homework question quizzes utilizing the online platform of Connect.

Homework Policy

Homework is essential to passing this class. You will have both in-class and out-of-class assignments. There are plenty of homework points, but it’s up to you to capitalize on them. They can significantly boost your grade, or adversely affect it.  The worksheets and Connect problems have been designed for students to achieve near maximum total points if they simply make honest attempts to complete all assignments.

Attendance Policy

Your attendance is tied to successful completion and outcome of the course. Students are encouraged to attend every class (on-line students are required to participate weekly). It is the Economics Department policy to not withdraw students for non-attendance. If you stop attending a face-to-face (or participating in the on-line class), it is your responsibility to withdraw; faculty do not withdraw students for poor attendance.

Instructor Availability

I have office hours every Tuesday and Thursday during each semester. Please refer to my syllabus when taking the class. (If you’re taking an on-line class with me, I have “virtual” office hours, and I respond to email within 24 – 36 hours.)